Yellow Microfiber Towels And Blue Ones Just Look Good..

Why would someone find yellow microfiber towels and cloths in a migraine site?

One is to offset the cost of maintaining this web site and the other is anything that makes the everyday life of a migraine sufferer easier is well worth mentioning. We decided to start selling our product line and microfiber products fit the plan. We have different styles of Microfiber, all with high GSM. Four, six and eight packs to fit the needs. Go to Amazon and add Show Car Guys in the search box, and look at the different ones. Microfiber towels make great holiday gifts that everyone will enjoy for  a long time.

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber  is a synthetic fiber finer than 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. 

The most common types of microfibers are made from polyesters, polyamides, and polypropylene may be added. Microfiber is used to make mats, knits, and weaves for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters, and cleaning products. When high-quality microfiber is combined with the right knitting process, it creates an extremely effective cleaning material. This material can hold up to eight times its weight in water.

Microfiber is widely used by car detailers to handle tasks such as removing wax from paintwork, quick detailing, cleaning interior, cleaning glass, and drying. Due to their fine fibers which leave no lint or dust, microfiber towels are used by car detailers and enthusiasts in a similar manner to a chamois leather.

Microfiber is used in many professional cleaning applications such as in mops and cleaning cloths. Although microfiber mops cost more than non-microfiber mops, they may be more economical because they last much longer and require less effort to use.

Small microfiber cloths are used to clean photographic lenses as they absorb oily matter without being abrasive or leaving a residue. Small microfiber cleaning cloths are commonly sold for cleaning computer screens and eyeglasses.

Maintenance for microfiber towels.

Cloths made of microfiber must only be washed in regular washing detergent, not self-softening, soap-based detergents. Fabric softener must not be used. The oils in the softener and self-softening detergents will clog up the fibers and make them less effective until the oils are washed out.

What our yellow microfiber towels and ultra plush offer.

  •  300 Grams Per Square Meter on our all purpose yellow microfiber towels to give you satisfaction whether you clean the car inside or outside, the kitchen or bathroom.  
  • 360 GPM on our Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels that have durable construction,  easy to use, efficient, lightweight, Multi-Purpose, and store easily.
  • Ultra plush microfiber towels give streak free cleaning, with  non abrasive design that will not scratch surfaces, paints, or clear coats on autos.
  • Our Ultra Plush Microfiber Towels are among the highest quality auto detailing towels on the market.
  • Our all purpose microfiber towels have hundreds of thousands of split fibers, and that allows the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive.
  • Microfiber towels work great for auto detailing, especially for buffing or cutting wax after it’s applied.

The possibilities with our all purpose Yellow Microfiber Towels are almost endless.  The super soft and dense towel does a fantastic job of picking up excess waste and contaminants and storing them in the plush fibers. It’s also great as a small drying towel for painted surfaces and windows.

Another use for the towel is inside your car, use it to dust off dash boards. Keep one in the center console ready to absorb spills. The positively charged split fibers attract negatively charged dust and dirt like a magnet, because of this you can use the microfiber towels as a green alternative to using a cleaning cloth treated with chemicals or a (chemical) spray and wipe method.

When drying it works best to make one pass with the microfiber towel like you would with a chamois, this is usually the easiest way to leave painted surface and windows streak free. When the towel becomes saturated you can just wring it out.

Microfiber towels do a great job of releasing liquid. Then continue using it to dry, just follow it with another completely dry Microfiber Towel. Using this method you can dry your car completely using several towels.

As we said above, migraine sufferers and non migraine sufferers want to make their cleaning of autos and homes as easy as possible. If you've been using cotton towels these yellow microfiber towels will make the job much easier.

Thanks for reading.

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