What Does Vitamin D do When It Gets In Our Body..

Milk Has Magnesium

What does vitamin D do to maintain the body?

This vitamin stimulates the absorption of calcium for starters. Also helps in  fighting breast and colon cancer: Just as a car with no gas, the body won't run without vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D, and all of the other vitamins, some being more crucial than others, keeps our bodies healthy, and strong. 

Although this is a migraine site, we've established how crucial in other pages that vitamins and minerals are to all of us. We need them to keep running smoothly, and have found out by being deficient in some, can aggravate headaches more, whereas in minerals such as magnesium, can actually trigger headaches.

What does vitamin D do? 

  • Vitamin D helps  regulate the immune function, and prevent autoimmune disease.
  • Vitamin D is also a powerful antioxidant. 
  • Vitamin D has been found to help the gut absorb calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and other minerals, all very important in our well being. 
  • Everyone has heard of someone with MS, or better known as Multiple Sclerosis.

Even a family member may have been diagnosed with MS. What's that got to do with Vitamin D? What does vitamin D do, or better yet, how does vitamin D relate to MS.  Through one research study after another it's been concluded that a vitamin D deficiency is linked to a higher rate of MS, and by having sufficient amounts of vitamin D, that does play a preventive role in MS.

Dr. Kassandra Munger of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, published a study of 190,000 women. It showed that the ones that took a vitamin D supplement were 40% less likely to develop MS than those that didn't. She also found that a diet high in vitamin D alone wasn't enough to provide the same amount of protection as taking supplements.

That's pretty impressive. How many that has now, or may be diagnosed with MS in the future, that could have prevented it? 

What does vitamin D do in connection with MS.

Many scientific papers are suggesting that vitamin D can:

  • Of those that have been diagnosed with MS, vitamin D reduces the symptoms, and relapses, and lessens the disease activity, and its progression.
  • Helps control a gene that has been implicated in MS. 

Another purpose of vitamin D in the body is the involvement of maintaining blood calcium levels.

Researchers believe that vitamin D promotes the production and activity of proteins that help transport calcium across the wall of the small intestine. Vitamin D is crucial to bone health by increasing calcium absorption as well as reducing calcium loss in the urine.

It doesn't matter what part of the world you live in, ten to fifteen minutes a day in the sun is enough time for the body to produce vitamin D, "if the sun shines". 

Warning, to much vitamin D can be taken.


Of all the vitamins, vitamin D is the most potential. At doses of more than 1,000 IU a day,  kidney stones may form (no fun), and calcium deposits in the internal organs. So don't take to much hoping more benefits can be had from vitamin D.

Good food sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D in the form of vitamin D2 is often added to milk and other foods. A quick look while buying foods may reveal some sources of vitamin D you may want to remember such as:

  • Dark leafy vegetables are another good source. 
  • Egg yoke 
  • Butter 
  • Cold water fish

Vitamin D is also essential for the healthy growth of skin, good teeth, and strong bones.  Osteoporosis (weak bones)can come from a vitamin D deficiency, and can be prevented very easily. A daily 400 NU multivitamin and mineral supplement will prevent. The elderly are more likely to need a supplement because of a lack of getting enough sunshine.

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