Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms..D May Fight Cancer..


Can Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms aggravate headaches?

"It's thought that a vitamin deficiency of vitamin D is an unrecognized, yet treatable cause of cardiovascular disease, and could aggravate problems with migraines." We're a migraine site and think pain relief can be had through supplements.

We know that low levels of vitamins, and minerals can pose a serious health threat. If you're deficient in one vitamin such as vitamin D, or vitamin B12, you may be at a deficiency on even more vitamins.

Vitamin D is a group of about ten fat soluble vitamins. Only two of these are important in nutrition. They are:

  • Vitamin D2
  • Vitamin D3, or the sunshine vitamin.

This is the one we're discussing.

The health risks of vitamin D-3 deficiency are:

In small children:

  • Rickets are present when an inadequate supply is present for some time.
  • An adult could end up with cardiovascular disease, or worse yet, death from a Vitamin D Deficiency.
  • Brittle bones from lack of vitamin D, especially in older folks.
  • Vitamin D is thought to ward off cancer also.

Research is now showing the importance of vitamin D in protecting from health problems.

Vitamin D is now thought to have a role in treating, and preventing:

  • MS
  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Glucose intolerance.

There's established links between deficiency of some vitamins, and headaches being aggravated more. We've already established that one magnesium deficiency symptom can be headaches. Also, vitamins such as the vitamin niacin , and Riboflavin can be of great benefit for the relief of some peoples headaches.

What does vitamin D do, and why is vitamin D important?

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, and also is an essential nutrient that helps build strong bones and teeth. Lack of vitamin D, and you would have more illnesses caused from bacteria and viruses. Muscles would get weak, and the body wouldn't get the messages from the brain it needs to function.

What would cause Vitamin D Deficiency?

  • If you're a inside buff, don't drink much milk, and keep to a vegetarian diet, or just don't eat a lot of meats there could be a vitamin d deficiency.
  • If the kidneys can't convert vitamin D (older people), dark skinned, or obese.
  • If there's a medical disease, such as being diagnosed with celiac, cystic fibrosis, or crohn's disease, and the digestive track couldn't absorb vitamin D, there would be more risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Taking a ten minute walk in the sun a day can do wonders for vitamin D intake.

Foods that have vitamin D in them.


Diary, and grain products, fish, meats, eggs, and cheese. (Any meats that have animal based sources). That's the reason veggies don't cut it when it comes to supplying vitamin D. Don't forget though, even without any vitamin D deficiency symptoms, if there's not enough vitamin D in the body, health risks could still be present.

Mild to moderate symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

These are the ones you would most likely experience first.

  • If you have a hard time falling asleep at night
  • Diarrhea with weight loss, and a loss of appetite
  • Vision disturbances, and the inability to function as well as you should.

We have more severe vitamin D deficiency symptoms on our next page.

Vitamin D-3 is the most active form of vitamin D, the type the skin makes when given ten to fifteen minutes in the sun a day. Don't take to much vitamin D. Internet advertising of mega doses can be seen. That can be harmful. The Institute of Medicine says the more than 4,000 IU can be harmful. Aim for about 1,000 IU a day.

Thanks for reading, we hope this answered the question.

Our last page is about deficiency symptoms of magnesium, a mineral we have to have to sustain life. Our next page is about Puritan Pride vitamins. For vitamins and so forth this is a great place to look. Home page from vitamin d deficiency symptoms.

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