Have a Vestibular Migraine Diagnosed by a Specialist.

Vestibular migraines are different from other migraines because vestibular refers to the inner ear that controls balance, and vertigo which is dizziness.

If you've ever been on a boat, when you get off it feels like you're still moving. How about riding an escalator? When you get off, you're a little dizzy.

The vertigo of a vestibular headache might be worst than the headache itself.

These migraines have to be diagnosed by a headache specialist in order to establish that this is a vestibular headache instead of a common migraine. Dizziness is also experienced by migraine sufferers. My wife doesn't have good balance, falls sometimes, but she has atypical migraines, or common migraines. There are symptoms that a headache specialist will look at before he/she makes their call.

Symptoms of vestibular migraines.

Other symptoms of vestibular can be weakness in the arms and legs, fainting, hearing loss, and nausea.

Researchers thought at one time vestibular headaches were due to a lack of circulation in the back of the brain. But now they think it's an abnormal neurological function. Although there's no medicine to specifically treat this, a headache specialist can prescribe medicines for the vertigo, and medicine for the headaches.

Janet Jackson

Did you know that Janet Jackson also suffers from vestibular migraine?

She had to cancel several concert tours, but was then given a clean bill of health after she was diagnosed with vestibular migraine.

A diagnosis of vestibular headache is made if you respond to the medicine indomethacin. (That's also the way they diagnose hemicrania continua. If there's a positive respond to Indomethacin you can also be suffering with this type of migraine, if you meet the criteria).

With vestibular there's a sudden onset of vertigo lasting from a few minutes to more than twenty four hours with these migraines. This migraine may be exactly like meniere's disease which has some of the same symptoms. The right diagnose has to be made in order for the correct treatment to be given.

My brother-in-law has meniere's disease, and has to let his wife drive. He said that even driving will make him dizzy. But he doesn't suffer with migraines, and the diagnose of meniere's disease was made.

There's no "scientific" proof that a migraine can cause inner ear symptoms.

But a good many Doctors have embraced the idea that innter ear symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, hearing loss, and tinnitus, are actually a migraine, but not always with a headache "the pain".

If you have vestibular migraine, don't put off receiving treatment.

Medicines to treat this are:

  • Triptans
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Calcium-blockers
  • Antidepressants, and
  • Anticonvulsants

Doctors don't always know what to call this type of migraine headache.

This type of migraine can be frustrating to understand exactly the kind of migraine one has, because one Doctor may call the symptoms a vestibular headache, while another doctor may call it by a totally different name.

He may say you've had a basilar migraine. You can see why it's important to find a good headache specialist if the above symptoms are experienced.

The most important reason to diagnose this type of headache and receive the correct treatment, is hearing loss due to this migraine can not be restored.

Thanks for reading, and remember to find help with this migraine.

There are many different types of complicated migraines one can have. Our last page is on basilar migraines, and our next page covers different migraine types. Home page from vestibular migraine. More info on these migraines.

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