Use Valerian For Headaches, Anxiety, and Insomnia...

Valerian for headaches works by reducing stress.

We know one of the triggers for about all headaches is the amount of stress that we have. The more stress, the more likely headaches will be had.

Valerian is a herb that is recognized for its calming effects. There's several herbs that we'll get to later that have the ability to fight headaches and migraines, and also been used for centuries.

Sometimes by the things we do and what we put in our body, may have a bigger impact at fighting headaches than thinking a pain medicine is about all you need. By preventing something may indeed be better than having to treat it later.

Uses of Valerian.

Valerian is used to treat headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. Valerian is probably best known for its ability to improve the quality of sleep. Helps a person get to sleep quicker, and also reduce the number of times someone wakes up a night.

We know that headaches can be had by irregular sleep patterns. Valerian reduces this for more restful sleep without the side effects of conventional medicines. All sleep ads have side effects, addiction, and also withdrawal symptoms that are associated with barbiturates or benzodiazepines.

After reading this page you'll know more about using Valerian for headaches. What this herb can help with, ties in with the very things that can trigger headaches in many sufferers.

Valerian for anxiety.

Valerian contains chemicals known as valepotriates that have sedative properties. You can purchase this product that is commercially prepared. Just follow the directions such as two teaspoons of powered herb per cup of water. Let stand for ten minutes and strain and drink before going to bed.

Valerian for insomnia.

Here again Valerian has sedative properties. Take two to three grams of dried root, boil it in 8 oz of boiling water, or 150 to 300 Mgs of dry powered extract, 

Valerian for headaches.

Valerian reduces stress and eases headache pain. If using Valerian for headaches, use 2 teaspoons of dried root in 8 oz of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Drink a cup or so a day as needed for headaches.

Possible side effects of Valerian.

Side effects of Valerian are minimal if used properly. If someone is taking tranquilizers or sedatives Valerian should be taken with caution. Because Valerian causes drowsiness, don't drive after taking it.

In some individuals, Valerian can cause:

  • Excitability 
  • Mild headaches, (which we don't want) 
  • Upset stomach  

In rare cases, Valerian side effects could include:

  • Severe headache  
  • Nausea  
  • Morning grogginess   
  • Restlessness   
  • Blurred vision 

Once again Valerian should not be used with other medications used to treat anxiety or insomnia.

Other helpful herbs used to treat headaches and migraines are:

Taking Valerian for headaches or anxiety should be taken with caution by some individuals. The herbs listed above are also known for their ability to fight headaches and migraines with minimal side effects.

But if used with prescription medicines may do their job to well. Ask your Doctor before taking any of these. Some healthcare specialist may recommend some of these to help with the attacks. All of these herbs act as preventives. Most, like prescription medicine take several months to show their full effect.

Thanks for reading. Our last page is info about using evening primrose oil to help with headaches. Our first page is info about a very unusual migraine called hemicrania continuaHome page from Valerian for headaches.

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