Different Types of Migraines are Closely Related!

Two types of migraines that come to mine are the common migraine, and the classic migraine.

They're broken down into subcategories such as ocular migraines, cluster migraines, complicated migraines, basilar artery migraines, silent migraines, and a few more.

The majority or migraine sufferers have the common migraine. They'll have the nausea, and vomiting, but not the aura. We have quite a few pages on the various types of migraines one can have. Even most migraines sufferers probably haven't heard of some sub-types of migraines.

How about Dysphrenic migraine, ever hear of that one?

With a dysphrenic migraine one can have total loss of memory, be confused, irritated, and disoriented. Episodes last up to six hours, and the effects of it can be had for up to twenty four hours. There may be a headache, but one can have this type or migraine, and not have head pain. The conditions can be so severe, that young kids can have partial, or generalized seizure activity or even coma.

A status migraine is a migraine that just doesn't want to go away.

It's believed that the status migraine comes about by the overuse of pain medicine such as ergot, or narcotic medications. These migraines will not respond to your regular pain medicine, and many sufferers have to go to the ER for migraine help. In order to find migraine relief one has to cut back on the pain medicine if it's taken on a daily bases.

Hemicrania Continua, another of the sub-types of migraines

Hemicrania Continua is what it sounds like. Half of the head hurts continuously. There's mild to moderate pain all of the time, and emerges into migraines. If this is the reason for the headaches, the medicine Indomethacin is used. If the headache responds to this medicine, than this type of headache is defined. This medicine is a anti-inflammatory pain reliever "and can also be hard on the stomach", such as stomach pain and bleeding.

Another type of headache is the cluster headache, or as it's sometimes called the cluster migraine.

Years ago these migraine headaches were called suicide headaches. People couldn't stand the pain. The pain of cluster headaches is said to be worst than migraines. An attack is rapid, and doesn't come with the signs that a migraine has. But they are diagnosed as migraine headaches much of the time. That's the reason one must have the proper diagnose so the proper treatment can be given. A headache specialist is a must for any type of complicated headache.

Ocular migraine is experienced by sufferers that have the classic migraines.

An ocular migraine is also known as ophthalmic migraine, or silent migraine, and is connected to the eye. Some of the most common ocular symptoms are blind spots, zigzagging patterns, flashes of light, and shimmering stars. If one has the classic migraine, these symptoms are experienced with these types of migraines.

The Complicated Migraine is one of the serious types of migraines

The complicated migraine is a much rarer form of migraine, and needs immediate attention. It's associated with a neurological deficit during, and a good bit of the time, after the pain phase.

One more type of migraine is called the vestibular migraine

Read the vestibular migraine page in case you've ever been dizzy with a migraine. Vestibular refers to the inner ear, which controls the balance, and can give vertigo.

If one has an ocular migraine, there may be no head pain.

Migraine without headache is called a ocular migraine, and is one of the migraine types that distorts the images. These migraines usually affect one eye at a time, and as the migraine continues, the sight may be lost temporarily.

No migraine should be taken lightly. A migraine can also be experienced with a stroke. And with some of these migraine types like the complicated migraines, and a few others, one also has stroke like symptoms with these headaches, and should be seen be a headache specialist or a trip to the ER if this was the first time .

Didn't know there was so many sub-types of headaches, did you? Although as we stated, most migraine sufferers suffer with the common migraine, and a smaller percentage have the classic migraine, a very small percent suffer with the subcategories. Each outlined link that catches the eye will open in another page so all the types of migraines can be looked at. On our next page we give info on the visual migraine. Home page from types of migraines.

Thanks so muchfor reading, and hope this helps.

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