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Trigeminal Nerve

A Trigeminal migraine starts when one of the trigeminal nerves becomes inflamed.

The trigeminal nerve can trigger migraines like some foods can trigger migraines. There's a possibility that the migraines may be one sided, because there's a trigeminal nerve on each side of the face.

It's pretty much of a two way street on the trigeminal nerve. Migraines can inflame this nerve, and in turn the trigeminal nerve can cause migraines when inflamed???

My daughter suffers from trigeminal neuralgia because of a virus or bacteria that inflamed her sinuses, and damaged the nerves. But she is lucky "if you can call it that", she didn't have the particular nerve that when becomes inflamed, causes headache attacks.

Notice where the trigeminal nerve to the right starts out at, and how it branches out. All of these nerves connect to other nerves. Notice the top nerve, and how it runs up into the forehead and can cause a trigeminal migraine.

Notice how the nerve travels into the sinuses.

It's now known that many migraine suffers experience sinus pain because the trigeminal nerve becomes very sensitive while having migraines. In turn, this carries pain messages from the sinuses back to where it's generated in all parts of the head that are involved.

The throbbing pain of a migraine can run along a path, and down the side of the face? You may even take a finger, and trace a path down to the jaw. If there's migraine pain traveling down the face, and head, it's coming from the trigeminal nerve.

Trigeminal neuralgia is the most common form of neuralgia.

  • It affects the main sensory nerve of the face. "Tri" means three, and there are three nerves on each side of the face. 
  • This condition involves sudden, and short attacks of severe pain on one side of the face, along one of the areas supplied by the trigeminal nerve.

The pain attacks may be severe enough to cause a facial grimace, which is classically referred to as a painful tic. I've saw my Daughter have tears in her eyes from the pain. You just don't know how much that hurts Dad, she says?

Treatments for trigeminal migraine, if this nerve is causing the migraines.

This would strictly be a doctors call, but you could have:

  • Nerve blocks, using local injections of anesthetic agents.
  • Surgical procedures to decrease sensitivity of the nerve. 

In my Daughters case, her specialist gave her medicine that she takes each day to prevent the nerve from flaring up.

Other methods to curb the pain.

Some procedures involve the surgical destruction of the affected nerve using different methods, such as:

  • Local radio frequency. 
  • Heat
  • Balloon compression.
  • Injection of chemicals.

Medicines used for trigeminal migraine.

  • Aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen may be helpful for mild pain. Narcotic analgesics such as codeine may be needed for a short time to control severe pain.
  • Other types of medications work in different parts of the nervous system, and often provide better symptom control.
  • For instance, antiseizure medications such as carbamazepine, or phenytoin may be helpful for pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia. 

Below is my Daughters story, and how she has had to deal with her inflamed nerve.

I've suffered with Trigeminal neuralgia for about 2 years. It all started with a virus that inflamed the left side of my face. It took several doctor appointments before they finally figured out what it was.
I had severe pain on the left side of my face so bad that I thought there was something really wrong with me.

Sometimes the top of my head would hurt, then it would go away and the top part of my jaw would hurt, and then sometimes the bottom part of my jaw would hurt. This pain would be so intense that I could not hardly move. All I could do would be just sit there, and hold whatever part of my face that would be hurting. This intense pain would last for a few minutes up to a few hours.

Even now when it flares up, it may go for months, and not hurt at all, and then all of a sudden it will hurt. I had to go to a neurologist and he gave me a medicine that so far has worked very well.It is called Carbatrol.

Neuralgia can flare up at any time,. For me, ice cream , cold weather, washing my hair, combing my hair, even brushing my teeth, and also stress can also be a big factor. I have also found that what ever part is hurting, if I hold really cold water in my mouth, this can also help relieve the pain.

We hope this helped answer questions about trigeminal migraine. Any migraine is bad enough, but when the pain in the face is also present, treatment should be found if possible.

Look at this page to make sure that a food or beverage isn't triggering some of those migraines. Our next page is on living with migraines, and our last is about migraine relief. Home page from trigeminal migraine. Detailed picture of the trigeminal nerve.

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