Treatment Of Migraines Before and After They Start...

Treatment of migraines consist of countless ways to obtain relief.

The reason is, the causes or triggers of migraines could take a few pages to read. Three hundred or so causes for headaches. If the cause of the migraines can be found it makes it much more simpler to treat the headache. Migraine treatments may range from treating them after the attack, to preventive medicines to prevent migraines. By trying to avoid them it'll take less medicines to treat them. About 50% of migraine relief comes from the migraine sufferer.

And the only way that happens is by education. The more you learn about your type of headache the more equipped you'll be at finding what makes the head hurt and avoiding it.

Treating a migraine after it starts.

  • Over the counter medicines may relieve moderate migraines but for severe attacks, ask the doctor to prescribe an abortive such as one of the Triptans.
  • Relax in a quite dark room and firmly massage the painful areas. 
  • Apply a damp cloth or a cold pack to the forehead. 

Treatment of migraines that aren't frequent can be handled by the above.

Treatment of migraines before they start.

This can be called preventive treatment. 

  • By reducing stress and relaxing about all types of headaches will benefit from this.   
  • By paying careful attention to known triggers or causes that can give a migraine sufferer and attack. 
  • Avoiding the obvious triggers such as alcohol, and caffeine and to play it safe, avoid artificial sweeteners. There's to much debate about this product concerning headaches not to take seriously. 
  • Certain foods are thought to play a role in causing migraines. 
  • Women have the known migraine trigger such as birth control pills and menstruation
  • Unusual sleep patterns.
  • Certain chemicals and scents can trigger migraines, keep the mind open to these.

By knowing each thing that may give some individuals a migraine, then there's no guess work involved. Printing off a diary and keeping check on everyday habits may uncover something. 


We have a friend that loved to snack on aged cheese. After spending days in bed, she finally found out the cheese was triggering her migraines.

  • Another one of the treatments of migraines is acupuncture.
  • Chiropractors help many headache sufferers that have nerve or neck problems that are causing their migraines. 

Treatment of migraines with preventives and supplements.

First, migraines can be from physical problems such as neck problems, or even high blood pressure. That's why a trip to a doctor, preferably a headache specialist is in order to rule out anything wrong that needs to be corrected. If all's clear from a doctors standpoint he'll give preventive medicine and abortive drugs most likely. For treatment of migraines this will be a doctors call but may be:

  • Antidepressants 
  • Calcium channel blockers 
  • Antimigraine drug such as Topiramate 
  • Beta Blockers 
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs 
  • Also something to abort the migraine attacks such as a class of drugs known as Triptans.

The above, except the Triptan is a preventive migraine treatment.  Several may be prescribed for your needs.

Supplements that work as treatment for migraines. 

It's known that herbs have been working for pain relief and much more for centuries. Migraines are no exception. Doctors recommend:

  • Ginger for nausea and pain. 
  • Feverfew for pain and inflammation.  
  • Butterbur in studies works as well as some preventive medicines for migraines. 
  • Vitamins B-2 and B-3 fight to prevent headaches. 
  • Migraine sufferers are sometimes deficient in magnesium, and it's found that low levels causes headaches.

The treatments of migraines can follow different courses, but must come together for migraine relief. Sometimes no apparent causes or triggers can be found after much digging. If the migraines become frequent and severe a headache specialist is a must. In rare cases such as my wife, surgery (five) had to be done to help. But basically don't abuse migraines. One last reminder, don't take to many pain relievers. The head doesn't like this and will hurt more. 

Thanks for reading.

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