Treatment for Migraines...Natural, Or Alternative..

Treatment for migraines.

Migraine sufferers have found that every treatment doesn't always bring relief. Each line of migraine treatment used may produce different results. While treating migraines do look at trying to prevent them. Most of the time migraines are triggered by something. Finding that something can turn into a headache itself.

Migraines respond more often using treatments plus trying to avoid what is causing them. All migrainures don't find what's causing theirs but we hear from others that defiantly know what gives them a migraine. Migraines will overlap while using preventive medicine if you do something that raises the threshold level.

First line of treatment for migraines is:

If a doctor, or preferably a headache specialist is treating the migraines the first line of treatment most likely will be several different migraine preventive medicines. 

  • For example in the anti-migraine drugs Topamax, Depakote or even Neurontin may be prescribed by the physician. 
  • Zoloft or another antidepressant will be given. 
  • Blood pressure lowering drugs have been found to be effective at reducing migraines. 
  • Muscle relaxers such as Baclofen may be prescribed also.

These are left up to the Doctor as what will be prescribed. Probably several together. 

Abortive drugs to take if a  migraine starts.

There's quite a few in the Triptan family, and all work well for treating migraine attacks such as:

  • Almotriptan 
  • Eletriptan 
  • Frevatriptan 
  • Naratriptan 
  • Rizatriptan 
  • Sumatriptan

They work well but all these drugs have undesirable side effects. While these migraine treatments are being used quite a few doctors use Botox treatment for migraines as another line of treatment while trying preventives. It's a hit and miss on this. While some migraine sufferers have complete relief shortly after a treatment, others show little response.

Alternative treatments for migraines.

For those that shun drugs and desire more natural migraine treatments there're:

  • Acupuncture that's been used for centuries for treating all kinds of ailments, one being headaches with success. 
  • An appointment with a chiropractor for neck related headaches may produce results. 
  • Hypnotism has been used as an alternative treatment for migraines.
  • Biofeedback is another route to enter for migraine relief.

Natural treatment for migraines using supplements. 

Some doctors recognize that herbs have been used for migraines long before conventional medicined hit the shelves.

  • The top ones are Skullcap that helps tension headaches.
  • Feverfew helps the big headaches or migraines by reducing the frequency and intensity.
  • Butterbur works as well as some preventive medicines at reducing migraines. 
  • Ginger is an anti-inflammatory agent that can be effective for treating migraines, and also treating the nausea that accompanies them. 
  • Magnesium (mineral) deficiency is found in migraine sufferers, and by taking a supplemental dose can be effective at reducing headaches.
  • CoQ10, B-2, and B-3 can be effective as a natural treatment for migraines.
  • 5-HTP raises serotonin levels, several studies have provided excellent results. Not to be taken with other medicines used to raise serotonin levels.

These herbs, vitamins and mineral can be found in formulated combinations now. Reviews show these are the tried and tested products that give relief to migraine sufferers.

For migraine treatment avoid what can trigger them.


  • Alcohol, and drinking loads of caffeine
  • Avoid stress and irregular sleep habits. 
  • Do pay attention to all scents and any chemicals. 
  • Avoid anger when possible. 
  • Avoid consuming to many over the counter, or prescription pain medicine. 
  • Avoid bright lights loud noise or certain smells. 
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, there's to much controversy over this to simply ignore. 
  • Do look at certain foods such as the ones that contain MSG, and processed foods, aged cheese, and enough others to be concerned with. 

Treatments of migraines may consist of taking something such as Advil migraine for moderate migraines. (We know some sufferers that do have moderate migraines even with aura, although this isn't the norm.) For these the treatment would be to relax in a quite dark room, apply a cold pack, and firmly massage the painful areas, and a small amount of pain medicine. 

When it comes to treatments for migraines different sufferers may not go with the same ones. Learning about your type of headache will give more knowledge about treating them. You can find testimonials about sufferers that keep a diary of their migraines and headaches, find and avoid their triggers, and with the supplements manage their migraines.

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