Info About Transformed Migraine..What To Do..

A transformed migraine may be addressed as a chronic daily headache, or a headache disorder that hurts daily, or near daily.

The top cause for this type of headache is the overuse of pain medicine. Over a period of time , migraines can transform into daily headaches.

Some headache researchers believe that taking over the counter pain medicine for migraines is not the best migraine treatment for them, and is the biggest cause for migraines to transform to daily chronic headaches.

Anyone that has headaches, tension or migraines, is going to take pain medicine for the pain. When the head starts hurting (and there is a start) something over the counter works. Then as time goes by it takes more pain medicine to have the same result.

It may take a while for someone to go to the doctor, and slowly the pain medicine can take its toll. He/she will make the call as to what type of headache it is. Also, unless a headache specialist is seen, most doctors will give some type of pain medicine. Over time, prescribed pain medicine does the same thing. The head pain is had more often, and also more severe.

Pain medicine every day can do several things. One is rebound headaches each day, and then the transformed headache is there all of a sudden. A dull to moderate pain that goes on in to severe migraines occasionally.

Info on foods that can trigger migraines.

If a migraine sufferer was triggering migraines due to a food or beverage often, and pain medicine was taken for relief , that in turn may cause rebound headaches. I believe many migraine sufferers don't receive the right treatment, and therefore get their headaches out of whack. That may not be it, but it only takes a minute to read that page and try to make a connection. Print off a diary to keep track of what is eaten and drank, plus other activities that trigger migraines. This may take several weeks so be patient. Jot down what you do because we have a tendency to forget.

One thing to note if to much pain medicine has been taken, and that has cause a transformed migraine.

There has not been "ONE" report of anyone getting better from rebound, or chronic daily headaches without stopping the pain medicine that caused it.

Episodic migraines can gradually evolve over a period of years to transformed migraines, called chronic daily headache

To qualify for a transformed headache, one will have to have the following.

#(1)Headaches over half of the month, lasting at least four hours a day.

#(2)Have you had episodic (occasional) migraine headaches in the past?,

#(3)Is the migraines not as severe, but the frequency of the headaches increased?

#(4)Is the migraines now daily, or near daily?

Here's a page on an unusual headache that can hurt continually, such as a transformed headache. This is the reason we suggest in many pages that many of these headache types should be looked at by a headache specialist that is highly recommenced. Nothing less will get the job done.

And one more headache that is worth reading about is occipital neuralgia. To much pain medicine isn't always the reason for transformed headaches, but is the top reason. You'd be the one to know about the pain medicine, and if there's no coincident there, these other two pages will give more info on everyday headaches.

This may not be the case, but a transformed headache can have either one of these behind it. This came from a very highly recommended headache specialist that my wife is now going to.

There's more risk of migraines transforming if any of these apply.

#(1) Has there ever been a head injury?

#(2) Being overweight or snoring runs a higher risk.

#(3) Do you take a lot of pain medicine to fight the pain?

#(4) Has there been headaches for years?

#(5) Do you have to much stress?

The transformed migraine is hard to figure out sometimes. A headache specialist will have to part the weeds to find the cause of the pain, and apply the right treatment.

Chronic daily headaches or transformed headaches are the hardest headaches to treat. The doctors worst nightmare. These headaches will have to be treated by someone other than a general doctor. Preventive medicine works to reduce migraine attacks, and keeps them less severe. But if one goes by the book with no relief, please go to the best headache specialist there is. Don't suffer.

Our last page is on migraine prevention, and our next page is about severe migraines. Treat migraines very carefully. Educate yourself on them. Learn as much as you can about what hurts you!!! Home page from transformed migraines.

Thanks for reading

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