Topamax Side Effects for Migraines..The Most Common..


Topamax side effects for migraines may out weight the good.

Any migraine sufferer at some point will be prescribed a preventive medicine if they're going to a doctor. For some reason topamax is one of the most prescribed migraine preventives there are. Keep in mind that topamax is but one of a great many migraine preventives to be taken, and if for some reason it doesn't help or the side effects are to unpleasant another can be used.

The generic name is topiramate "generic will cost less" The brand name is called topamax, and this is a anticonvulsant drug. As with most headache medicines, this one wasn't made with headaches in mind, but it worked to reduce the severity of migraines/headaches so well, it took of as a migraine preventive.

Today, TOPAMAX is the #1 prescribed brand for migraine prevention in the U.S.

Topamax is given for the prevention of epilepsy. Epilepsy sufferers also have migraines related, and topamax may be prescribed for both.

Is topamax worth the side effects you may have to endure?

You would be the only one that could answer that question. Some people have just about complete relief with topamax, with minimal side effects. Other migraine sufferers have the side effects but no migraine relief.

 Topamax Side Effects for Migraines usually effect the central nervous system.

The most common topamax side effects are:

  • Tiredness, and fatigue 
  • Slow reflexes, and slow thought processes 
  • Difficulty concentrating, speech problems, such as not being able to find the right words.
  • Dizzy, weak, poor muscle coordination.
  • Tingling in the hands or feet. 
  • Tremors, nervousness, and not being able to sleep. 
  • Depressed 
  • Nausea 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Respiratory infections
  • The sun bothering you
  • May have double vision. 

The starting topamax dosage for migraines

  • The doctor will start out on topamax 25 MG a day
  • Increased  to 200 MG a day.

If a doctor prescribes topamax , and you become pregnant talk to the doctor immediately. Studies in animals indicate that topiramate may cause birth defects. Topamax and pregnancy doesn't mix.

While taking topamax for migraines if you develop:

  • Heart palpitations, chest pain, headache, visual changes, confusion, vomiting, weakness, difficulty breathing, or something that hasn't been experienced before, call the doctor. 

As with all medicines the side effects are tolerated more so within a few weeks. Topamax side effects for migraines are we think, more than with other preventives. If it works great, but if not find another preventive. Education about headaches can make a difference on the outcome. Reducing stress, watching food triggers and taking vitamins and doctor recommenced herbs may help the preventive medicine more efficient.

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Our last page had more info on topamax and migraines. Our next page covers herbs for headaches. Home page from topamax side effects for migraines.

If you've taken topamax for migraine relief let us know your experience while taking it.

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