TMJ Headaches may be Helped by an Oral Surgeon...

TMJ headaches arise from the Temporomandibular joint and the surrounding tissues and muscles.

Anyone that thinks they're suffering with headaches because of this joint and hasn't already saw a dentist, or oral surgeon should make an appointment. Also request cat scans if for some reason they don't say anything about them. I would imagine an oral surgeon would, although as we said on the last page, the first neurologist my wife went to just said her headaches were caused by TMJ, and then sent her to a headache doctor. There's a difference between the two on treatments that are suggested.

Some minor TMJ treatments would be having someone close watch as you sleep. If there's any clenching or grinding of the teeth, let the dentist know because this may help him/her make a better decision on the treatment.

TMJ symptoms will involve more than one of the numerous TMJ components, such as...

  • Muscles
  • Nerves
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Bones
  • Connective tissue
  • And the teeth

So you can see why a TMJ headache could slip in there before you realize it.

My wife's oral surgeon says she has what he called a stump, instead of the support between her lower, and upper jaw. And this came about slowly due to arthritis, without much pain. Something we never suspected, but treatment years ago may have prevented the damage..

TMJ joint dysfunction can be experienced after having the wisdom teeth extracted. TMJ headaches are often experienced by TMJ sufferers. Find an oral surgeon through your dentist if you have symptoms, and have a Cat Scan, or MRI, and get his expert opinion if you think you are having headaches from the TMJ.

A diagnosis for TMJ could be an examination to see how much motion is in the jaw. Also fluid may be drawn to see if there's any infection.

Treatment for TMJ could be as simple as using home remedies.

  • Mild jaw exercises,( a doctor can help with TMJ exercises)
  • A soft diet (you can think on that one)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs bought at the local store
  • Using moist heat packs, or cold altered, may relieve TMJ pain in a few weeks.

The specialist may inject steroids in the Temporomandibular joint. My wife has had these in her head for migraines (maybe caused by TMJ), and it takes a week or so to feel the relief.

The TMJ condition may be just temporary. I gave an example of my wife not to scare anyone as to what can happen if left untreated but to find out what's wrong, and get the appropriate treatment for the Temporomandibular joint, even if the TMJ headaches haven't started.

Prescribed medicines for the relief of TMJ pain.

  • Muscle relaxants
  • Antidepressants
  • For inflammation found, corticosteroid drugs are administered in the affected joint.
  • Pain medicine whether it's OTC or prescribed for the pain.
  • If there are headaches from the TMJ, then headache medicine madicine will be prescribed.
  • Botox may also bring relief, and is used for the pain.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ joint is a small joint.

It consist of the ball, the socket, and a small, fibrous disk, which acts just like a shock absorber between the ball and socket. (That's what's wore down in the better half's.)

One type of TMJ surgery is called an arthroscopy surgery.This procedure isn't as invasive as Open Joint Surgery. A small insertion was made, and a thin instrument was inserted that was hooked to a video screen and monitor. The surgeon could then look, and preform what needed to be done. The last procedure, Open Joint Surgery is more invasive. This would be the one my wife would have. The jaw is opened up around the TMJ. Below is a video that explains more.

If someones jaw has went to the point they have to have surgery, go for a second, and even a third opinion. Don't go into this lightly, for you "can have" nerve injury,and scarring on the face. This is the reason this joint should be checked as soon as any symptoms concerning a jaw joint arises.

We hope this covered the temporomandibular joint, and gave you the info needed

We have the rest of this page on it's way about TMJ surgery, so hold tight till we build it. It's here, more information about the jaw joint, TMJ headaches Home page from TMJ headaches.

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