Thunderclap Headaches Should be Examined by a Neurologist..


Thunderclap headaches are called this because there're felt very quickly.

Like a lighting bolt traveling across the sky.

What is a thunderclap-headache? Is this headache dangerous? We know that these headaches are severe. Most migraines and headaches give symptoms before they start. Not thunderclap headaches. These headaches are defined as reaching maximum severe pain level in less than a minute. And most are instance. If you get one, take no chances, go to the ER or call 911.

If you experienced a thunderclap-headache, and didn't go to the ER, make an appointment as early as possible to have this checked out.

This isn't a normal symptom of a headache, and could be a more serious underling condition that needs to be addressed.

A benign thunderclap headache is one that has no subarachnoid hemorrhage , or (SAH).

But still should be evaluated with angiography for an aneurysm to be safe. About fifty percent of these headaches hurt in the occipital area, and close to forty percent are felt in the front of the head.

Thunderclap headache causes!!!!

  • SAH, which is a form of stroke(bleeding)
  • Cerebral Venous
  • Sinus Thrombosis, (CVST) that's channels formed between layers of dura matter in the brain, and a blood clot may be in there.
  • Severely raised blood pressure is another possibility.

Several other causes but the cause would be up to the doctor.

Before receiving the name in 1986, thunderclaps were called benign vascular headaches, migrainous vasospasm, and even crash migraines, although they are distinctive from migraine headaches. If nothing is found wrong, that's good news, but the bad news is, primary thunderclap headaches can last for months or years, and this happens to about a third of the people that have them. And thunderclap head aches can be brought on spontaneously by just about doing anything, even when someone is resting.

The risk of SAH is greater if you have any of these thunderclap headache symptoms.

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • If you're female
  • Have epileptic seizures
  • Or have focal neurological symptoms.


The diagnostic criteria for these headaches are!!!

This means that a sufferer has to have these symptoms to have these headaches, and they are:

  • Severe head pain
  • Both of the following
  • Sudden onset reaching maximum intensity in one minute.
  • Lasting one hour to ten days.
  • Does not recur regularly over subsequent weeks or months.
  • Not attributed to another disorder.

We can't emphasized enough of having these headaches checked at a hospital. Below is one account of what can happen, although for most of these headaches, there's nothing to be of great concerned about.

I am 40. My experience began March 14, 1998 when I experienced a "thunderclap" headache. I jokingly told my friend I thought I had blown an aneurysm. Little did I know that my analysis of the situation would turn out to be correct! I went home and went to bed, thinking that sleep would cure the headache, but when I awakened to the clock the next morning, I was unable to arise, so I called work and told them I would not be in that day. This should have gotten my attention, as I never call in sick!

All day that day, the only way I could get around in my house was to crawl, standing upright was unbearably painful. My middle child called me that afternoon, and was surprised I had not gone to work. Her first response was, "Do we need to take you to the hospital?" I told her that I was fine, just had a bad headache, and if I still had it Monday, I would go to the doctor, which I did. The MRI the following day revealed an aneurysm, and within 3 hours of the MRI, I was in the office of a neurosurgeon 60 miles away. All of my coworkers (I work in the lab of the hospital where the CT and MRI were done) had been very concerned about me, and when I found out about the aneurysm, I told them that I had won the aneurysm lottery! The neurosurgeon was very kind, and within two minutes of his entrance to the exam room, I knew that this was where I needed to be and the person I needed to see! I was admitted to the hospital from his office, and surgery was scheduled for the following day.

The orgasm headache comes on in an instance also, and may be called a thunderclap but in this case, sex causes this instance pain. There's rarely anything serious with a sex headache but neither the less, should be looked into.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps.

Our last page is on headaches from eye strain, and our next page is on another sexual headache called coital headache. Home page from thunderclap headache.

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