Tension Headache: Episodic or Chronic..


Tension headaches are one of the most common type headaches.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of forty five million in the USA suffer with this headache to some degrees. The symptoms can range from mild to severe to near daily, and occasionally. If they're severe, prescription medicine may have to be taken for relief.

Tension type headaches are also called tension migraine headaches. Some people that have migraines will be diagnosed with tension type headaches, going into migraines. By having the right diagnose treatment may be somewhat different.

If headaches are only had intermittently (not often) then over the counter products, such as aspirin, or ibuprofen will bring relief. If the headaches turn to severe and more often, be aware that to much pain medicine can make headaches worst.

There are two types of these headaches. Since doctors don't know what causes these headaches as well as migraines, you have to learn how you can control these headaches as best as you can.

If there's tightness or pressure that feels like a band is being squeezed around the head, and mild to moderate pain, this is a tension headache. If the pain is severe, you may be having a migraine attack, especially if there's nausea and vomiting.

A diary (print) may emit a pattern that precedes these events. The diary for migraines can be a big help for migraines, as well as headaches. Like a migraine, a tension type headache has triggers that starts the pain. Some would be:

  • Stress
  • Oversleeping
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Eye strain
  • Poor posture

To prevent tension headaches, avoid the above.

Lets not forget about sinus headaches, and why some people have migraines and think it's sinus trouble.

Working on Computer

Tension headaches will respond to:

  • Massage the temples.
  • Rest if you've overdone it.
  • Exercise brings relief, but keep in mind, exercise can make a headache worse in some people.
  • Relaxation works wonders for headaches.
  • Hot or cold showers will often give relief.
  • A proper diet can help tension type headaches.
  • Over the counter pain relievers.

Two types of tension type headaches !!

The first is the episodic tension type headache. This headache can last from a few hours to a week. The symptoms to this type of headache are:

  • Both sides of the head will hurt.
  • You won't be sick or vomit, and light or sound won't bother you as in a migraine headache.
  • You'll be able to go about daily functions, unlike a migraine.
  • Gripping, and pressing.

Next is the chronic tension type headache which is a banger.

These headaches happen at least half of the days of a month, and in some cases you may be taking something every day for the pain. These are the headaches that can turn pain medicine from helping to rebounding. Tension type headaches could be called morning headaches because upon waking they may be present.

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