Tension Headache Treatment..Dump the Headache.

Advil Migraine

Tension headache treatment will depend largely on how often the attacks are and how severe the pain is.

Tension headaches bother more people than any other headache. They're the most common type of all headaches. These headaches have different symptoms than migraines and cluster headaches. Also the treatments are different as well as what triggers them and what can be done to prevent them.

Tension type headache treatment should respond to these.

  • Rest or relaxation 
  • Over the counter pain medicine such as Advil Migraine or Excedrin Migraine
  • Take a warm or cold shower

If this doesn't ease the pain then take a closer look at the headaches. 

  • How often are these attacks? 
  • What pain level is the pain? 
  • How much pain medication is being taken and so on. 
  • Has a headache specialist diagnosed these headaches? 
  • Does any nausea accompany them?

Symptoms of tension headaches

Most headache sufferers look at tension headaches as less severe than migraines, and for the most part they are. They can also be rather severe for some. Tension headaches may become chronic if not managed. The pain should be as follows for this type of headache:

  • A dull pain or a pressure like feeling on both sides of the head located around the temples, or the back of the neck. 
  • The pain may feel as though a band is squeezing the head. 
  • The back of the neck may be sore and tensed or knotted up.

The causes of tension headaches and the prevention.

Poor Posture

What triggers them and what prevents:

  • Stress can cause tension headaches. Reducing stress can prevent this headache. 
  • Oversleeping can produce tension headaches, so get the same amount of sleep if possible. 
  • Bad posture can cause a headache, so avoid bad posture. 
  • Depression can cause tension headaches, so you'll have to manage it.
  • Fatigue can cause headaches, get enough rest. 
  • Anxiety can cause headaches, by exercising this may help. Exercise in some sufferers may induce more pain.

The best tension headache treatment will be prevention of them. As we suggest for migraines, education is all important in headache treatment. Tension headache treatment is the same. If the only thing is known about headaches is a pain reliever helps, for an occasional headache that works. But chronic tension type headaches can occur daily or close to daily and go on for months. No one wants that. 

Tension headaches, or tension type headaches as they're now called are the most common type of primary headache. There're different estimates of how many people suffer with chronic tension type headaches, but it's believed that about three percent of the population suffer with them.  There're over "300,000,000" people in the United States, so that gives an idea of how many have these headaches.

While the tension headache treatment for episodic headaches may be no more that an over the counter pain medicine, chronic daily headaches are going to need different treatment. These headaches will have to be treated with medicines or supplements that are recommenced by doctors.

 Chronic tension headache treatment may consist of preventive medicine such as topamax, amitriptyline, (Elavil), or several others. You'll have to go to a doctor for a prescription for the preventive medicine.

There're supplements such as Feverfew for migrainesButterbur for migrainesCOQ10Magnesium for migraines,and even vitamins that have been used for centuries for the relief of headaches without side effects like prescribed medicines have. They're tried and tested for the prevention of headaches/migraines.

Several things come to mind about tension headache treatment. Treatment is all important but preventing headaches is at the top of the list. Two headache igniters are caffeine and also over consuming of pain medicine. Morning headaches are had by over indulgeing in these two things. Tension headaches will have to be managed as migraines are for relief of pain.

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