Symptoms of Migraines Aren't Pleasant..Info!!


The symptoms of migraines are different from cluster headaches and tension headaches.

One of the most disturbing migraine symptoms is the aura that goes with the classic migraines.

Out of the millions of people that suffer from migraines, many think they just have headaches, and never go to a doctor to have their headaches diagnosed. And then some are misdiagnosed by doctors. (not headache specialist)

But there is a distinction between tension headaches and migraine headaches, and there's no comparison between the cluster headache, and the two previous ones.

Although the treatments for all three types of headaches may be somewhat similar, such as the preventives, and medicine that is given for all three headache types, but each headache has certain treatments that work better for that headache.

Also, many migraine triggers can be the same ones (food, alcohol use, stress, changes in sleep patterns, to name a few), that trigger cluster headaches, and tension headaches. All have one of the same symptoms, and that is the pain one has to go through.

The symptoms of migraines are different from tension headaches.

  • If you have a head pain that is intense, throbbing, or pounding, are sick as heck, and end up upchucking (vomiting), then you have a migraine headache.
  • If light, sound, or smell, starts your head to hurting, you have a migraine. That triggers migraines. Bright light, the sun, and loud noises just kills my wife's head. (She tries to avoid all of them).
  • If you have any numbness or tingling in your hands or feet, and your headache lasts from several hours to several days, you are experiencing migraines.

The most common symptoms of migraines.

Not all migraine sufferers will have all these migraine symptoms, and each sufferer can be somewhat different from another migraine sufferer. Above was the migraine symptoms that stand out when suffering from a migraine.

They're some small symptoms that precede a migraine, and these apply to many migraine sufferers. Here's what to pay attention to, and you may be able to head off the migraine with medicine.

These migraine symptoms may not be dramatic, and a migraine sufferer could very easy overlook these symptoms.

  • Confusion!!
  • Irritability!!
  • Food cravings!!
  • Yawning!!
  • A feeling of lightheadedness!!
  • Dark coloration beneath your eyes!!
  • Or a kind of excitability!!

If someone sufferers with these migraine symptoms, they could be signs that a migraine is approaching, and it's time to be prepared with the abortive.


One of the migraine symptoms that is as worrisome as the migraine itself is the migraine with aura experienced with classic migraines.

These types of migraines are experience by about one in every four migraine sufferers. But when you think of around twenty eight million or so just in the USA, that's still quite a bunch of people that face this disturbing migraine.

If you have an aura before your migraine, does it appear like this?

Do you see black spots or flashing lights, how about a partial, temporary loss of vision? Have you ever had:

  • Double vision
  • Zigzag lines
  • Loss of vision in one eye
  • Total blindness
  • Flashing Lights
  • Double vision
  • Blurry vision

Write down when the visual migraine starts. Does it start before the head pain, same time as the head pain, or both before and after the head pain?

And number three on the symptoms of migraines, does the visual aura spread slowly, or begins all at once?

Migraine triggers that can actually trigger the symptoms of migraines.

Maybe one of the greatest reasons for the migraines is a family history. You have a much greater chance of migraines because they have been inherited from the family's genes.

But the rest of these triggers can't be blamed on Mom or Dad.

One can deal with, and change what they eat (some foods are migraine triggers), sleep habits, the amount of stress going on, stop alcohol if you drink, watch out for some chemicals and scents, and for you women, watch out for birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy.

As you know some of the symptoms of migraines aren't pretty, and some are right down painful, and scary (aura). So if you can watch out for the migraine triggers, that in turn may decrease the migraines symptoms.

Our last page is about ocular migraine symptoms. These are connected to the eyes. Home page from symptoms of migraines.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this info helped

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