Symptoms Of A Migraine To Look For..

Some symptoms of a migraine headache can be overwhelming, such as the intense pain, and nausea.

One could have symptoms of a complicated migraine such as ocular migraine, ophthalmic migraine, (associated with the eyes) basilar migraine, just to name a few, and some of those migraine symptoms can be frighting.

If anyone has just experienced a migraine for the first time, "go to the emergency room and explain to them what happened". Don't let them chalk it up to just a migraine. Insist that you be thoroughly checked out. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We don't want anything to happen to anyone. For instance strokes are associated with terrible head pain.

Migraine symptoms to look for, but not all migraine sufferers have everyone of them.

My wife doesn't have the aura with hers. She always had the common migraine, not the classic migraine. But once she said she had some eye problems when she experienced a migraine

The symptoms of a migraine are moderate to severe pain on one or both sides of the head. Some sufferers may have pain that throbs, almost like the heart pulse, but on its own rhythm. One will most likely have nausea, and vomiting along with the pain.

One may also have these migraine symptoms.

  • A dislike of light, fearing that it will trigger a migraine.
  • Not want to be around anything that's loud, there again fearing that the sound will once more trigger a migraine.
  • Most likely the pain will be worse with movement of any kind.

Also, one can have a traditional migraine, or classic migraine, which is often referred to as a migraine with aura, and is preceded by visual disturbances "aura". Common migraine or migraine without aura, what my wife experiences, lacks this specific warning.

Many migraine sufferers will experience a vague sensation that things just aren't right, that may precede the headache by several hours.

Although sometimes comparable in severity, the symptoms of a migraine differ from those of cluster headache. Clusters are sure in a class of their own. They used to be called suicide headaches


Some additional symptoms of a migraine information

Nausea occurs in almost ninety percent of people with migraines, and vomiting occurs in about one third.

Have a Doctor write a prescription for nausea pills, and keep them handy, in the purse or car because sooner or later they'll come in handy, and having them close will certainly help.

Many migraine sufferers experience sensory hyperexcitability, and seek a dark, and quiet room. One could experience blurred vision, nasal stuffiness, diarrhea, pallor, or even sweating may be noted during the headache phase.

There's also localized edema of the scalp or face, scalp tenderness, prominence of a vein or artery in the temple, or stiffness, and tenderness of the neck.

Impairment of concentration, and mood swings are common in migraine sufferers. The extremities tend to feel cold, and moist in some. Vertigo may be experienced, a variation of the typical migraine, called vestibular migraine, has also been described. Lightheadedness, and a feeling of faintness may occur also.

How do migraines start?

When certain nerves in the brain stem area become irritated, then a migraine begins. When the constriction stops, and the blood vessels dilate, they become too wide. Even certain foods can trigger this reaction.

In response, the body supplies the area with chemicals which cause inflammation. With each heart beat, blood passes through this sensitive area causing a throb of pain.

Is the symptoms of a migraine, really a migraine, or another type of headache. Don't hesitate to find a good headache specialist because 95% of migraine sufferers respond to treatment. After the right diagnose, and receiving the proper treatment, often migraines are an occasional thing. Not going to a headache specialist, and self treating often results in daily headaches.

For instance 45% of headache sufferers have headaches because of neck pain related to some upset in the neck area. The right diagnose, and treatment will help one find relief quicker. Our next page covers more on migraine headache symptoms. Symptoms of a migraine to home page.

Some more info about migraine symptoms.

We hope the information has enlighten each one on migraine symptoms.

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