There's More Than one Surgery for Migraines...


Surgery for migraines may be your last option if you've had chronic migraines for years, and nothing has helped you.

If one has exhausted their supply of options for the treatments of migraines, and nothing else has brought relief, then it's time to look at other options. Migraines are so complicated.

One may find that taking a preventive medicine will give migraine relief. Then another may do everything by the book, and still find no migraine relief. Read about the food triggers and apply these to find out if you are doing something on a daily bases, and not giving it a minutes thought.

There are some foods, and beverages that a migraine sufferer can't tolerate. (These foods affect the blood vessels in your head). If one of these foods triggers your migraines, eliminating it will help your headaches. Make sure you don't have a magnesium deficiency. If all checks out OK, and you've been to several headache specialist, and time keeps ticking, and still no migraine relief, it's time to think about other options such as surgery for migraines. Time to find someone that can offer other options.

You may already know this but surgery is not offered at all headache clinics. Many migraine clinics have their "THING", and that's all they have to offer. We've been there, and wasted our time, don't make the same mistake.

If it helps great, but if not, to bad. Am I right?

My wife was going to a headache clinic several years ago. They informed her that they were going to schedule a meeting with the representatives of a implant for the relief of migraines. My wife was excited, and called back in about two weeks on a Friday, and the nurse told her that she was going to ruin her weekend. She said that at that time it wasn't feasible ($) for them. The first surgery may be the surgery in the eyebrow for your migraines

If you've had migraine relief while having nerve blocks, you're a good candidate for this migraine surgery.

The technique is only performed by a handful of plastic surgeons in the United States.

What they do is use a numbing agent, to pinpoint which of several specific muscles in the forehead, back of the head or temple areas may be serving as trigger points to compress, irritate, or entrap nerves that could be causing the migraines.

Because nerve blocks temporarily take the pain away, it can be used as a diagnostic test to see if your migraines are helped, or become less intense while the nerve block effects last.

If this helps then surgery to remove the targeted muscle is likely to accomplish the same result, but on a more long term, and possibly a permanent basis. That is what you want. Surgery for migraines may put an end to that terrible migraine pain. The second surgery is the electrical implant for the relief of migraines (That was the one my wife wanted to try, but ended up receiving a decompression on some of her nerves in her head. We consider her lucky to finally found a headache specialist who is very good, and recommended a surgeon to preform her surgery.)

Although that doesn't help all, it's worth a try to get rid of your migraines.

Google can find clinics that preform surgery for migraine, and occipital headaches.

The one you find may be quite a ways from where you live, but in order to find relief it will be worth the drive, to get your life back, and also for your loved ones that have had to watch you suffer.

What they do is pinpoint where you're having your pain, and thread a fine wire to that area.

Then it'll have to be adjusted to the setting that eliminates your pain. Then you'll have surgery, with the wire implanted in the place that takes your pain away. Then the wire will be threaded under the skin, and the neurostimulation will be placed under the skin in the chest area. Then one should see headache relief.

It sends a small electrical shock to the nerve that is responsible for the pain. That breaks the pain signal.

Our last page is about botox for migraines. You may be a good candidate for surgery for migraines if botox gives you headache relief. Our next page is on occipital headaches.

Don't miss it if you have chronic daily headaches.

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