Stress Headaches May Transform to Daily Headaches..


 Stress headaches come about when there's to much stress or you don't deal with stress well.

Learn how to treat and prevent stress before these headaches become the norm. Stress is how the body and mind react to change. Stress can get you going and focus. But if there's to much stress or someone doesn't deal with it very well, stress can lead to many unwanted symptoms, one being headaches.

Most stress headaches in the last five years or so have been found to be migraines.

People  suffer from headache/migraine pain because the relationship between stress, and headache is much easier to see than what stress does to other parts of the body. This is because the nervous system in migraine/headache sufferers are much more reactive. For other medical disorders stress is not so obvious. For instance it may take months or years to manifest. For instance the heart.

Managing any kind of headache is one of the keys to pain free days.

 For instance if you: 

  • Understand headaches 
  • Track headaches (diary can help) 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Learn relaxation methods 

These together will help stress-headaches.

How to tell if it's a stress/tension headache.

  • A stress/tension headache has a steady, moderately severe pain above the eyes, or in the back of the head.
  • It usually starts in the morning , and worsens throughout the day. Also a feeling of tightness around the neck, and the scalp. Also weakness, and tiredness  may come with this headache.

How to manage stress-headaches.

With the right treatment, preventing this headache can arise by:

  • Practice good sleep habits 
  • Learn to relax 
  • Change your lifestyle if need be 
  • Exercise 
  • Improve the living and work space 
  • Stretch tight muscles

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by exercising. Begin slowly and shoot for thirty minute workouts. Walking, biking, swimming, or even running will work. 

Not only headaches, but other symptoms can come from stress such as:

  • Anger, confusion, sadness, fear, or even forgetfulness 
  • Clammy hands, sleep problems, dry mouth and even skin rashes 
  • Depression, eating problems, and even avoiding loved ones

Control stress by practicing good habits such as:

  • Getting enough sleep and sleeping regular hours 
  • Go to bed only if sleepy 
  • Avoid caffeine up to six hours before bedtime 
  • Lay off alcohol three hours before going to bed 
  • Keep the routine the same each night before bed 
  • Take a lukewarm bath before going to bed

 Relaxation techniques help stress-headache sufferers. Such methods as self-relaxation and biofeedback has been helpful in reducing stress. Doctors call stress headaches, tension headaches because they can be caused by stress and the same symptoms that are caused by the stress headache. Also tension headaches may evolve into daily or almost daily headaches that can go on for months.

We hope this helped, thanks for reading.

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