Children's Stomach Migraines Are Confusing to Diagnose...


Stomach migraines are also called abdominal migraines, and child migraines.

They get this name because children are the ones that are mostly affected with these migraines. Head pain may not be present, and makes the diagnose difficult.

If family members suffer with migraines that's something to give thought to since migraines can run in families. If you're a young teen, or a mom with a child, and are puzzled why there're so many stomach aches with nausea, there may be an answer. The first time going to the doctor would be no thought of migraine. The child would probably be treated for the flu or a virus and sent home.

Stomach upset or vomiting usually isn't related to a child experiencing migraines with no head pain. We have several pages on sub-types of migraines that only a few thousand sufferers a year have. Some go years before they are properly diagnosed because of lack of knowledge on that particular headache. Abdominal migraines can often be confusing to diagnose.

How can a migraine and stomach be connected?

I've read that migraines start in the stomach or originate there. If your child starts having chronic abdominal pain, and cyclic vomiting for which there can be no apparent cause, then stomach migraine may be present after being examined by a physician and nothing can be found that would indicate anything else would be wrong.

Children can vomit for hours with stomach migraines, and:

  • Leave them weak
  • Fatigued
  • Dehydrated

Some children, but not all will have headache during these periods. Sometimes the headache is overlooked because of the severity of other symptoms they may be experiencing.

What can be done to avoid these attacks?

You can't rule anything out when it comes to your child. Certain things may contribute to abdominal migraines such as:

  • Wrong food combinations
  • Overeating
  • Junk foods will cause fermentation in the intestines, and stomach.

This can cause migraines. Pay attention to what they eat. We have the criteria that has to be met before child migraines will be diagnosed and can be read on our abdominal migraine page.

Print off a diary to keep tab on their diet.There may be a connection in something that is done often before the attack. Don't miss looking at the migraine food triggers page. There may be something that is triggering your child's stomach migraines. Sometimes our answer may be in front of us, and we just don't connect.

If you're a teen, and have headaches (pain) with this type of migraine, the doctor will probably prescribe a preventive medicine to take. These come with undesirable side effects, and if the trigger can be pinpointed medicines may not have to be taken.

Thanks so much for reading.

Our next page is more on children's migraines, and the last page covers a strange, and upsitting headache called a basilar artery migraine. Home page from stomach migraines. For more information on stomagh migraines

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