Status Migraine Info..This Migraine Is Dangerous..

A status migraine is a migraine that lasts for several days, and hasn't responded to the usual abortive medicine.

According to "experts" most of the status attacks come about by the abuse of ergot, or narcotic medications. We'll outline the steps below to be taken if that's the case.

In migraine attacks, nausea, and vomiting are always present.

In a status migraine attack, dehydration is common because of the duration of the migraine attack. While seeking treatment, fluids will be given, and something to help abort the migraine. It'll be some type of IV such as "magnesium sulfate" if a trip to the ER is involved. A status headache will be monitored very closely. Although a status headache doesn't single an underlying disease, the pain, and nausea are so severe it sends many to the hospital to bring the pain to a halt.

What sets this migraine apart from migraines that can be aborted, is the time length.Like we said above, this migraine can last from a couple of days to a week or more. When there's throwing up, and diarrhea, it doesn't take long to become dehydrated.

Why is a status migraine so dangerous?

Any time the blood vessels are in a state of constricting, and dilating from a migraine, there's always a possibility or a stroke in migraine sufferers, more so than non migraine sufferers. When a migraine goes on for days, the odds of a stroke are much greater.

A status headache sufferer should go to the ER, and receive the appropriate help for the migraine. With a status migraine it may not be possible to abort it yourself. As with all migraines, sufferers should be aware of some of the triggers that can cause headaches, and with status migraine, it's no different than other migraines when it comes to the migraine triggers.

How to not have a status migraine.

The first step to not having a headache like that again is, do everything by the book to not trigger a migraine, and everything to prevent other migraines. At the top of the page we said that these headaches come about by what most experts think is the abuse of ergot, or narcotic medications.

These pain medicines are most likely prescribed by a doctor that may not understand migraines. Not all doctors do. My wife had her share of pain for years from doctors that thought the stronger the narcotic medicine that was given, that should have helped her head pain. She suffered through much pain from the hands of doctors that shouldn't have been treating headaches. Go to a headache specialist to have the right diagnose, and treatment.

We've found out that a status headache may be due to overuse of drugs. By reducing the intake of these drugs if this is the reason may reduce the intensity of the pain. By looking for what triggers these migraines, real relief may be had. The food triggers page may be a starting place to look. It's pretty easy to follow. Remember the goal here is to reduce the migraines.

Added together, what could set the stage for this type of migraine

One thing that may trigger a migraine, such as eating a certain food, may not give a migraine. But adding stress to that, and maybe eating a hot dog (MSG), and drinking a beer, a migraine sufferers threshold may be raised enough to suffer with a migraine attack. That added with pain relievers may set the stage for a status migraine.

Also keep in mind that this headache can occur with no apparent cause. Each person, after looking at the pages that can trigger migraines, will have to determine if that could be the case in which there are known triggers. Each one will also know how much pain medicine that is taken, and use common sense on this. Migraine pain is terrible, but the fact is, to much pain medicine taken can set a migraine sufferer up for a great deal of suffering.

Our summery is

If someone has had a status migraine he/she may have been to the ER. After they have aborted it, they'll probably just say this was just a migraine, which it was. The only problem, it was the worst pain ever. Then, just like a migraine, one should make every effort to have no flair ups. And that's by managing the migraines. Even preventives will not work as well if there's always something that's triggering them. If that doesn't get them under control, it's time to be looking for a doctor with the name tag of headache specialist.

Our last page was about optical migraines, and our next page discuses frequent migraines. Home page from status migraine.

Thanks for reading, we hope this gave the info you wanted

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