Social Security Disability if You're Unable to Work..

Social security disability is for workers that have worked, and paid into social security and find themselves unable to work from numerous conditions.

If by someone hasn't met the required periods to draw disability from payments paid in, then they would apply for SSI. There's so many conditions that can render a person unable to work that we wouldn't have enough room to list them.

I had to apply for disability at sixty one because I had a physical condition, and a job that was so physically demanding that I couldn't do it anymore. I had worked at it for forty years.

Our web site is about migraines and headaches, and several pages are on applying for disability for this disease. 

Here's what I learned after applying for social security disability, a few things I should have done that would have made the process somewhat quicker. First, don't think the people you deal with are going to give you a hard time. Each one has a job to do, and by providing all the info you can will make their job quicker and easier on them.

You're reading web sites probably to find out if your condition warrants disability.

You're only a click away from applying for disability, so make sure you have exactly what you need for social security examiners to look at. Applying online is easy and only takes an hour or so, and one can log out and come back later to finish if you want to. I waited a year after I, so to speak, had to hang it up (job) before I applied for disability.

Fact is, the day you become disabled is the day you can apply, but you have to be off from work a year before the ball starts rolling.

If applying for SSI  the day you become disabled is when you're paid for if you're approved, and in social security disability five months will be  taken after you're approved from the day you were considered disabled. Social security disability works different then SSI. 

The first thing to do before applying is to send for ALL of your medical records. And that means the ones that may not apply to the condition you suffer with. Little things added together makes a difference.

I added several doctors names, and what I was treated for, that didn't really apply to what I suffered with, but they were also factors that was looked at in determining me being disabled. Social Security in turn had to send for those records which I did not supply, which delayed the progress. See where I'm coming from.

Have all medical records sent when applying for social security disability.

After filling out the application, social security knows where the closest office is from the address given, and within a couple of days they will make an appointment, and notify you to come in. Don't fill out the application online until you have copies of all medical records, because social security may set up a time to come in and all the medical records may not be in your hands.

A letter from your doctors, or even coworkers about how much suffering related to the condition, whether it's physical or mental will certainly help. Also remember that only about 40% of the ones that apply for social security disability, or SSI will be approved on the first time. Depending on how severe the condition is may be the determining factor to some applicants. For instance, my nephew had lung cancer several years ago at the age of 42. He was approved immediately for his disability.

What social security looks at.

  • The age will certainly have quite a bit to do with approval, being the older you are, the easier to qualify for disability. 
  • Your case worker will look at the different jobs that you've done in the last fifteen years, and if you could still do any of them.
  • And last but not least, the condition that keeps you from working. That's not all that is taken into consideration, but the top ones.

Don't worry if you haven't been to a doctor often. I didn't go often either, after paying insurance then paying more bills, there's only so much money to spread around. In most cases, even in mine, I had to go to have x-rays, and a physical so they could determine how severe my physical condition was. And the best part was, social security paid for it.

Also in the social security disability web site, you can go to the pages that have certain conditions that may relate to the condition that you suffer with. Read these pages to have a better understanding of their views on certain disability's. Actually, upon reading the social security website, you'll have a better understanding of how the process works.

Take a few days to better understand the process. By bookmarking, you can come back often to learn more about social security disability, and what is needed before applying.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page was on can I get disability for migraines, and our next page is about allergy headachesReturn to home page from social security disability.

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