Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow..What You Should Know..

Will a sobakawa buckwheat pillow give more comfort than a cheap pillow?

Discover the Oriental sleeping secret to the most comfortable, restful sleep of your entire life.

Since we spend around sixty hours a week lying on a pillow, it's best to buy one for your personal needs and comfort. There's several on the market that's used for therapeutic proposes. Much is said about the memory foam pillows, and in the last several years a pillow that's actually been used for hundreds of years in Japan has made its debut in the United States. It's called the buckwheat pillow, and possibility may be the pillow of choice for the ones that have neck problems, and want a pillow for comfort.

Several advantages of sleeping on a Sobakawa pillow.

How about a sobakawa buckwheat pillow for:

  • Neck pain
  • Migraines
  • Hot flashes

The buckwheat hulls conform around the neck and head making for a restful nights sleep.

What's a Sobakawa pillow? Is it any different from just a buckwheat hull pillow? Does this pillow stand out from others? Simply put, in Japanese, Sobakawa is referred to as buckwheat hulls. Soba is also Japanese for buckwheat. If you read about a sobakawa buckwheat pillow it means buckwheat hulls were used to fill pillows or what ever product they're making.

Some suppliers may skimp and add broken pieces, and you don't want that. It's been said that some import buckwheat is sold broken. Broken buckwheat hulls (pieces) are also used for mulch. Obviously the buckwheat seed, and the buckwheat hull have many uses.

Imagine as you settle down for the night, the soft buckwheat husks (hulls) quickly mold to fit the contour of your:

  • Head
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Spine

They provide support where it's needed, and the head is cradled in comfort. According to Oriental medicine a cool head promotes better sleep.

A sobakawa buckwheat pillow provides more:

  • Restful sleep
  • Keeps from having a stiff neck
  • Aches
  • Muscle tension
  • Helps with tossing and turning.

Here's a story that was on WNDU Channel 16 in November of 2010 by Terry McFadden about the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow.

This is what was said about the new sobakawa buckwheat pillow which has been named the "cloud pillow". Folks who have a tough time sleeping due to back, and neck pain may find the answer in a new pillow, but not just any pillow, a "cloud pillow". It's the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow and it's based on traditional Asian buckwheat pillows. It's supposed to provide better support and more comfort than fiber feathered and memory foam pillows, but would we rain on the cloud pillow's parade in our "As Seen On TV" test.

Terry McFadden compared a conventional pillow, the kind you sleep with every night, to the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow, which has ten million micro air beads. Supposedly what the air beads do is provide a cooler sleep, like you always have the cool side of the pillow when you sleep. And as you can see there's a cut out for your head. It contours with your head and stays that way a more comfortable sleep, a more refreshing sleep.

Terry’s regular pillow was comfortable enough but he didn't feel any contour to it. The Cloud Pillow was very comfortable. Terry said, “I feel like it has a little more support than what I'm used to.” However, in order to really test it out we handed the Cloud Pillow off to someone who has trouble sleeping due to back and neck issues. Our subject, Sherry Harper, admitted that she had been waking up every day with neck pain. She has tried all sorts of pillows, some much more expensive memory pillows, but nothing seemed to do the trick. So what was the verdict on the Cloud Pillow?

Sherry said "It worked perfectly. It did exactly what it said it would do. It supported my neck, supported my shoulders, supported my back and I didn't wake up with a neck ache." Sherry went the whole week without a neck ache and gave the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow a thumbs up.

You'll have to be the one to decide on a sobakawa buckwheat pillow, but we could find no negative comments on these pillows for the relief of headaches, neck pain, or anything regarding therapy for pain relief. Doctors are beginning to recommend these pillows to their patients because they're recognizing their ability to bring comfort and pain relief.

Thanks for reading, we hope this gave you info about the sobakawa buckwheat pillow.

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