Skullcap Can be Used For Tension Headaches....

Skullcap and It's uses.

This herb has been mentioned in Chinese writings as far back as A. D. 250-330 for its value as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects. This herb has also gained acceptability among westerners as a safe treatment for insomnia.

Scutellaria barbata is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine and also goes by the name of Skullcap, Scullcap, maddog desert scullcap, barbat scullcap, and also herba scutellaria barbatae. It's used in herbal remedies by people that have anxiety, suffer with headaches and live with insomnia.

Scullcap for anxiety.

Headache sufferers tend to be anxious or depressed due to their headache pain. Always wondering when the next one will strike. Scullcap helps relax the central nervous symptom and helps with stress.

To help calm the nerves, use one to two teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water, steep for 15 minutes, strain and drink up to three cups a day. There's also commercial products available, just follow the instructions on the package.

Scullcap tea to treat headaches.

Scullcap helps to ease tension headaches.

Drink up to three cups of tea a day, or use commercial preparations and follow the instructions. It's best to take after meals.

Scullcap side effects to watch for.

This herbal remedy for headaches may cause drowsiness, so be careful while taking if operating a car or other machinery.

Other side effects that may be temporary are stomach upset and diarrhea.

There's no known interactions from using this herb for headaches. The possible side effect of drowsiness speaks for itself if using this herb for insomnia.

Different forms of skullcap that can be purchased.

The preferred forms that people look for are:

  • Capsules 
  • Tincture 
  • Dried leaves for infusions. 
  • Tablets 
  • Prepared tea.

On our last page we covered the top herbs, and vitamins for headache relief. We also wanted to let you know about another supplement that is recommended by some doctors to help control headaches.

CoQ10 is recommended.

It's a nutrient supplement found in the body, and when added with vitamin B2, and magnesium, may help with headache relief. While we have pages on foods and so forth that trigger migraine attacks, it may also be what we don't have in our bodies that promotes migraines and headaches. We may have missing elements such as magnesium, vitamins, and nutrients such as Q10 in our bodies. Riboflavin (B2), magnesium, and Coenzyme Q10 have been researched, reviewed, and studied for their effectiveness in the management of migraines.

A review on CoQ10

A study in 2005 on CoQ10 for headaches and migraines in adults that took 300Mg for four months had a fifty percent or greater reduction in their migraine attacks. And again, the side effects were none. A study in the medical journal Cephalalgia Arch shows that Q10 is an effective preventive for migraine headaches. Out of thirty two patents, twenty six women, and six men, with a history of migraines were treated with coenzyme Q10. Sixty one percent of them had a greater than fifty percent reduction in the number of days that they had migraine headaches. Again there were NO side effects.

There're effective alternative treatments that help to prevent headaches.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about natural remedies for headaches and covers about all supplements, herbs, and vitamins that are the best for headaches. Keep in mind that relief can now be purchased in formulas that have most of these in them. Our next page is about a herb used for headaches called Skullcap. Home page from skullcap.

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