Sinus headache..Is it Chronic Or Acute!!

A sinus headache is from inflammation in the face area. Not only is there painful pressure in the front of the face, one also has to deal with a headache.

Migraines can mimic sinus pain also. If a person has never had a migraine, most likely there's a sinus infection involved causing the head to hurt. But migraines are so closely related to the sinuses. Migraines will swell the blood vessels , and cause inflammation that is sometimes thought of as sinus infections. Migraines can cause congestion, pressure, stuffiness, post nasal drip, and pain.

Here's where a trust worthy doctor comes in handy because migraine headaches, and sinus infections are both treated different.

Headaches can be caused by sinus infections, but are rare.

If the doctor gives a diagnoses of a sinus headache don't just brush it off, and think he hit the nail on the head.

Medical studies show almost(notice I said almost) all sinus headaches are actually migraines that start the sinuses to act up.

In other words one can have just a sinus infection, but the headache with it is rare, whereas a migraine is more likely to give sinus problems, and a headache goes with it.

My Daughter has a sinus infection a couple of times a year, but never sufferers headaches with them. Antibiotics always take care of the infection. But she doesn't suffer with migraines either.

The symptoms of sinuses, and treatments for headache relief.

With a Sinus headache there's facial pain or pressure of a dull, constant, or aching sort over the affected sinuses. This pain is typically localized to the involved sinus, and may worsen when you bend over, or when you're lying down.

Pain often starts on one side of the head, and progresses to both sides.

Acute, and chronic sinuses may be followed by thick nasal discharge, usually green in color, with or without blood .

The most dangerous complication of sinuses is the spread of infection through the bones, or by blood vessels by bacteria going to the brain. Don't put off going to a doctor.

A sinus infection of less than seven days is treated as a viral infection, and if longer than that, it's treated as a bacterial infection.

Sinus that last a short while are called acute, while ones that last a couple of months are called chronic. Most Doctors give antibodies for sinus infections if a office visit is used within a couple of days of the attack, and that should clear everything up, and also help the sinus headache.

If a migraine is the cause, and has inflamed the sinuses, then a migraine preventive may be given to slow up the attacks, and some type of abortives such as triptans will help after the attack begins. That should give the sinuses time to clear up. But this will be a doctors call after he has run tests to determine the cause of the headaches.

Some home remedies for the pain and relief of sinus congestion.

Painkillers such as aspirin, aleve, advil, ibuprofen or something similar, inhaling steam, hot drinks including tea, and chicken soup, over-the-counter decongestants, and getting plenty of rest.

If chronic or recurring sinusitis are present , a referral to a specialist may be the answer for more specialist assessment, and treatments. Some sinus sufferers need nasal surgery to help their sinuses, and the sinus headaches.

We have a neighbor that suffered with headaches due to sinus trouble. This went on for several years. We were told that some degree of headache pain was always present, and after surgery was done, the headaches were gone. But this man doesn't suffer with migraines.

A migraine sufferer can have all the signs of sinus trouble with the head pain, and so forth, and sinus infections can give a headache. You now know there is a difference.

If you've never had a migraine, and very seldom get a headache, then most likely the sinuses are infected. The most common cause for a sinus infection is from the common cold, so keep in mind if a cold was presemt around the time the headache begin.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this answered your question.

More info about sinuses on our sinus migraine headache page. Our next page is more info on classic migraine. Also a web site about sinuses. Home page from sinus headache.

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