What Happens In A Silent Migraine..

Silent migraines are also called ocular migraine, migraine without headache, painless migraine, eye migraine, and are experienced by twenty percent of migraine sufferers.

So if any of these types of migraines are mentioned by a doctor, they're all the same.

Although there's no pain with this migraine, it can be terribly frighting. Painless migraine sufferers have visual auras, but not a headache like most migraine sufferers have.

In addition to eye flashes, this type of migraine can also cause other visual disturbances as well. Even if you don't have the headache you can be plagued with nausea, and nasal congestion.

This is what actually happens in a silent migraine.

Migraine headaches are vascular, and can hurt over and over again. Now imagine the start of the constriction of blood vessels, and that's causing neurological symptoms or an aura (silent migraine).

But for some reason it doesn't go to the dilation of the blood vessels that gives most migraine sufferers a headache. So therefore, a migraine without headache is experienced.

Reasons a silent migraine can be so frighting.

A silent headache or migraine can last from seconds to hours. They can occur as a single, isolated event, or may recur as often as several times a day.

Just because no headache pain is involved, if one experiences migraine without headache or visual migraines, they aren't getting off easily.

The visual symptoms of a silent migraine can be extremely disruptive to daily activities.

Print off a diary if you're having these eye migraines, and keep check to what has been going on when these migraines start. This is what you can keep up with if you have a diary. Also keep track of the migraine symptoms, the time the symptoms start, and stop. Write down any changes in sleep patterns, or something that may be stressing you, and other triggers that you may think of. This will help the optometrist, neurologist or your doctor figure out if this is an ocular migraine, or something else going on.

In rare cases, the symptoms of a migraine are a sign of a more serious medical disorder, such as a stroke or a aneurysm.

If you've just experienced this for the first time, and are looking for these migraine symptoms, after you read this, schedule an appointment with a doctor to be checked.

If you've experienced this migraine without head pain, and are having them often, more than likely the doctor will want to give a preventive medicine to see if that will cut back on the attacks. If one can find what triggers them, that's great.

Many times migraines are triggered by what a migraine sufferer eats or drinks. By eating right, getting rest, managing stress, and exercising regularly, that may help in managing this type of visual migraine attacks.

Often the migraine without headaches occur in older adults who have previously suffered full migraine symptoms. And also adults over forty have these visual headaches out of the blue. This is what can make these headaches so frighting.

Generally the classic migraine goes through four stages

#(1)The first stage is the prodrome, or the beginning.

#(2)The second stage is the aura. This is the term for the distinctive symptoms that one may have immediately before the onset of headache. The most common aura symptoms are visual, and can include flashing lights, wavy or zigzagging lines.

#(3)The third stage of just about all migraine sufferers is the pain. But in the case of the silent migraine, this stage is passed over. The nauseating, throbbing, and one-sided head pain isn't there.

#(4)The fourth stage is the post headache. This it where the migraine is finally going away.

Causes of eye migraines to remember.

Basically the migraine without pain can be triggered by about the same things as the common migraines, and in this case the classic.

If to much caffeine is consumed, alcohol or drugs taken, those can trigger a silent migraine. If a migraine sufferer has improper dietary habits such as skipping meals, and going on diets, this can also trigger visual migraines.

Also hormonal imbalances, noise, bright lights, stress, and smell to name a few. Like we mentioned above, a few changes in ones lifestyle, if any of the above applies, may see a decrease in the silent migraines attacks.

Before we close, if driving is involved when an attack occurs, pull over to the side of the road if you can. When these migraines are experienced at home, go in a dark room, and lie down.

Thanks for reading, hope this has give you the info you want.

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