Are Sex Headaches Chilling Your Love Life!!!

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Can sex headaches be dangerous?

An unpleasant downside to sex and orgasm is a headache.

Although there's no data on how many people have headaches during, or as a result of, sexual activity, sexual headaches aren't usually related to a serious illness.

One reason there's no data is most likely the only one that knows about this is the partner. That's not something that's generally discussed outside of the bedroom. Women let their doctors know more often than men about their sexual headaches. Not many are going to work, and blurt out that they had a headache during sex, right?

It's thought sexual headaches appear roughly (notice I said roughly) in about one percent of the population.

Doesn't sound like many does it? Population in the US alone is over three hundred million,  and you end up with quite a few thousand that at one time or other has had sex headaches.

There're several types of headaches associated with sex, and it effects both men and women.

The most common, and least frightening type is from the sexual excitement building up muscular tension around the:

  • Neck 
  • Face
  • Jaw. 

To much of this can cause severe pain, or a dull sex headache. Someone could also think they're having a heart attack.


The second type of sex headache is a sudden explosive headache occurring at orgasm.

This type of headache can be frighting.

Sexual headaches in men are found more so than sex headaches in women. To give some figures on this, roughly for every hundred women to suffer with sexual headaches, there are three hundred men that suffer from sexual headaches.

The ties between sex and headaches are complex. Here's why!!!

  • While some people avoid sex because of headaches 
  • Others have sex to relieve headaches 
  • Still others develop headaches following orgasm. 

Complex isn't it?

For many that say not tonight I have a headache dear, stress or anxiety may be the cause. And others may say, not tonight dear, I may get a headache, this may be caused by exertion, and sudden expansion of blood vessels, and after awhile one gets gun shy.

The sudden explosive headache should be checked  by a doctor for safe keeping, just to rule out a potential brain aneurysm, or tumors. More serious symptoms could be a:

  • Stiff neck
  • Confusion 
  • Dizziness 

That could suggest a doctors visit immediately.

If someone has been bothered with this for awhile, and their doctor can't find anything wrong with them, the good news is, in about half of sexual headaches, they will run their course in six months.

It's also been found that up to ten percent of men that consume medicine for erectile dysfunction may have these headaches.

How to stop sex headaches could be as simple as abstaining from sexual activities and masturbation for a short period of time, ranging from a few days to a few weeks. This may cure your sexual headaches. Also, for some headache sufferers, rapid deep breathing can give sexual headache relief in a couple of minutes.

Although we added this to our next page on orgasm headaches we'll give it below in case you don't read the next page.

The international Headache Society classified two headaches associated with sexual activity that are called the preorgasmic headaches and orgasmic headaches.

Preorgasmic headaches occur in approximately 20% of sufferers. These headaches resemble tension type headaches in that they are characterized by a dull ache in the muscles of the muscles of the head and neck. The headaches are bilateral, beginning as sexual excitement builds, and can be prevented by deliberate muscle relaxation.

Orgasmic headaches are the most common, accounting for 75% of cases. Twenty five percent of the sufferers also have migraines. The headaches begin abruptly, at the moment of orgasm, and may be caused by an increased in blood pressure. The pain is severe, or throbbing, and may be frontal, occipital, or generalized.

The criteria for these two types of sex headaches can be found on our next page. Home page from sex headaches

Thanks for reading, hope this has give info that you can use.

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