What Triggers Severe Migraines or Headaches...

Severe Migraine

Severe migraines could send a sufferer to the emergency room.

Severe headaches can disrupt someones life. If they've just tripped over to severe, a trip to see a neurologist, or preferably a headache specialist may be in order. Organic headaches are rare but no chances should be taken. Luckily, very few headaches are caused by tumors. All migraines are judged on a scale of one to ten, and an eight or so isn't uncommon on a full blown migraine attack.

I don't think my wife ever has a migraine headache that was  a pain level of two or three, unless you count when they started. Before she got them somewhat under control, trips to the doctor for shots weren't uncommon. But for severe migraines what to do for migraine relief .

What can get rid of the pain? How do you quiet it down

If all has been cleared, and nothing is found other than migraine attacks then a trip to the emergency room at the closest hospital when they occur so  IV's with medicine for the pain can be given may be in order. The best thing that can be done for migraines is be prepared.

  • Build several migraine kits, and keep them at home, in the car, and the workplace.
  • Keep pain medicine close by.
  • If you're at home go in a dark room, and apply a cold pack or a cool damp cloth to the head.
  • Massage the painful areas, and as a reminder, don't take more medicine than is needed for the migraine.

Severe migraines can be triggered from the overuse of the very medicines that are suppose to help. They're called chronic daily headaches (rebounds) but make no mistake, several triggers added together may trigger a severe headache.

Keeping track of migraines may help the doctor determine what's triggering them and how to treat them. By filling in a headache diary (print) this will give tremendous information on what may be the triggers. Record the following:

  • Date and time the migraine started. 
  • Type of pain such as throbbing or stabbing. 
  • The location of the pain. 
  • Intensity of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. 
  • Time the pain stopped.
  • Foods that was eaten that day, and beverages consumed. 
  • What you treated it with. 
  • Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or vision problems. 
  • The events that you were doing leading up to the time of the attack.

 What the World Health organization had to say about severe-migraines. 

Migraines alter people's normal functioning perhaps more than any other non-progressive disorder. They rate severe migraines as one of the most disabling chronic disorders in the world. Also, Oliver Stacks the author of the popular book"migraines",states. Migraines affects a substantial minority of the population, occurs in all civilizations, and has been recognized since the dawn of recorded history, and also has millions that suffer in silence, and secrecy everyday. 

What to do for severe headaches

There're several options.

  • Treat mild to moderate migraine with Ibuprofen but also won't help severe headaches.
  • The Triptans will have to be used for severe migraines. They're a class of medicines that help restore the balance of a neurotransmitter known as serotonin.

The changing levels of serotonin are thought to be one of the causes of migraines.

Try to identify the triggers with the migraine diary. There may be more than one when there is severe pain. For nausea,  which it a trademark of this disease, have the doctor give an anti nausea medication. If you don't take a preventive for the migraines, ask a doctor to write a prescription. Preventives can decreased the severe attacks of the migraines. By taking supplements that are known to decrease the intensely and frequency of migraines such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals these could lessen the severe migraine attacks. Most likely a doctor wouldn't know why migraine sufferers suffer with attacks that can range from moderate to severe. 

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Our last page was on a transformed migraine. These are tough headaches to find relief from. Next page is about those once in a while migraines, called episodic migraines. Home page from severe migraine.

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