Can Refractory Migraine Headaches be Helped..

Refractory migraine headaches are unmanageable headaches.

Misdiagnosing refractory migraine headaches in migraine sufferers with a organic disorder, will result in inappropriate treatment, and prolong suffering, and no one wants that. Most children and adults respond to common migraine treatment. But the treatments for complicated migraines and migraine variants are a little less defined. And if a doctor, even a headache specialist makes a wrong diagnose, a headache sufferer could end up with, so to speak, a rough row to hoe.

You can have a refractory migraine headache from a few things that can slip right through.

If you've found this page, and are't familiar with a refractory headache, simply put, it's a headache that's unmanageable, or resists ordinary treatment whereas most migraines respond to treatment.

To give an example, my wife has been going to headache specialists, pain management, and doctors for years now. She had a refractory migraine headache that never responded to any treatment, and even several headache specialist said she suffered with a never ending migraine. Can you believe that?

Now she has an excellent headache specialist, and after five visits is narrowing her pain down. She was told on her first visit that as hard as it is to believe, migraines are normal, but a never ending headache is not, and has to be traced down.

Many refractory headache sufferers are put on opioids but two thirds fail to gain control of their headaches. Up to 85% of chronic daily headaches are caused by prescription pain medicine. In time pain medicines can make headaches hurt each day. Headache specialist won't give pain medicine to take each day because they know what will happen.

Taking medicine every day bought from the local drugstore can produce an unmanageable headache. So you, and the headache specialist will have to diffract the difference.

Several organic disorders that cause refractory migraine headaches.

  • Has the neck been checked for facet joints or disk that may be causing pain.
  • How about sinuses where the trigeminal nerve can be pressed upon.

The list goes on when it comes to organic disorders. There're somewhere around three hundred causes of headaches and migraines? That's a lot of causes to give a migraine headache attack.

Steps to take if a refractory migraine headache is being experienced.

  • First you should undergo a thorough history examination.
  • Also a physical examination is in order.

They're potential trigger sites that may need surgery to help a refractory migraine. Make sure that the place you go offers some types of surgery just in case that's needed. Up to date headache specialist will know what a refractory migraine sufferer needs for relief.

This is from Marie Z Siemionow, and M Eisenmann- Klein. Here is what can be done for this type of headache.

For each trigger site identified, botox is applied as a diagnostic test. Glabellar trigger sites are treated with corrugator supercilii resection., temporal trigger sites are treated with resection of the zygomaticotemporal branch of the trigeminal nerve(ZMTBTN), also occipital trigger sites are treated with surgical release of the greater occipital nerve, and people with intranasal triggers are treated with septoplasty and inferior turbinate resection. Also people with cluster headaches are treated with resetion of the "ZMTBTN".

As you can see, surgery plays a role in refractory migraines, and cluster headaches.

Don't suffer with this headache if preventives or the usual migraine headache treatment doesn't helps. These headaches aren't normal. Most headache specialist that don't have the treatments for these types of headaches most always know places that they can recommend a migraine sufferer to. If organic disorders are found by the examination, they will have to be addressed because that's where the never ending pain is coming from. But if nothing in found then nerve damage can be looked at.

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