Recommended daily amount of potassium

by Mark
(Wellington, FL)

You might want to check the information in this article regarding the daily recommended intake of potassium. The article states 900mg. Almost everything I’ve read states 4600mg per day.

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Mar 27, 2018
by: Dennis

You have to be care with your Potassium levels Mark. To much or to little Potassium in ones body can land you in the Hospital.

My Wife is an example of that. She took several Medicines for her Migraines that left her with such low levels of Potassium that she had to be admitted to the Hospital for several days.

Her Physician told her she could have had a heart attack, and no one could have saved her. Potassium is that important in your body. If you have to much the effects can be as bad as having a deficiency.

After several days of administering large amounts of Potassium, her level was to high. They then had to induced diarrhea to lower it.

So be very care while taking it. A Doctors visit can let someone know at what level your Potassium is.

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