Rebound Headaches are Caused by Pain Medicine..

Rebound headaches run parallel with migraines.

They typically occur in headache sufferers with an underlying headache disorder such as migraines or tension headaches that transform over time from an episodic condition to a chronic daily headache, due to excessive consumption of headache medications.

People that have migraines generally take more, and stronger pain medicine than headache sufferers. In a period of time, the head is hurting more, and more. Not so much from the pain of the migraines, although there are some of them thrown in to boot, but that old dull pain felt all the time. And pretty soon, not only a frequent headache is had, it really never quits. But for an aggravating everyday headache, something is also needed for them to quit.

I remember going to a headache seminar some twenty years ago at a local hospital when my wife's migraines, for some unknown reason shifted into high gear. These frequent headaches were getting worst, and we were actually new to this headache scene. Out of all that was said, I remember the speaker talking about rebound headaches, and how the pain medicine you take for the headache can also make them hurt more if taken to often. And of course we were naive, and it didn't really apply to her. But we were wrong.

The thing that I want to emphasize on is the day to day pain medicine can sneak up, and you won't even realize what's going on, and it actually seems like the head hurts more and more often. And I say this because several doctors prescribed everyday pain medicine for her headaches and migraines, and I don't know if they didn't think, or even cared what was going to happen.

This is the reason we state that if someones head is hurting more frequently and pain medicine is being taken on a daily bases, go to a headache specialist.

Headache specialist won't give headache pain medicine to the point of creating rebound-headaches. They prefer preventive medicine with some type of abortive when there's a break through migraine.

Many headache sufferers have never heard the term, rebound headache, medication overuse headache, or analgesic rebound headaches. My doctor (general practitioner) even asked me about my wife's migraines, (probably to treat her patients ) and she told me that she saw people with headaches, and she didn't help them !!!!!!!!

As we said above, eighty five out of a hundred headache sufferers have rebounds at some point from overuse of pain medicine. But keep in mind there are more things that keep the head hurting than pain medicine. There can be withdrawal headache due to drinking an excessive amount of caffeine, because it's a stimulant.

Rebound-headache symptoms!!!

There's actually no test that shows a person is suffering from rebounds. So the symptoms that is had is determined as whether a person has them.

  • Mild to moderate pain is felt
  • Dull steady pain that can intensify into a migraine.
  • Anxious
  • Sleeping irregularity
  • Depressed and irritable, along with other neurological, and psychological symptoms.

Also, after taking pain medicine, if the headache returns in four to six hours, there's a good chance rebounds are the cause.

Let's finish up on the next page on these every day headaches. From medication overuse CDH (chronic daily headaches)can derive from it, and should have the attention of a headache specialist. Anything less will just add to the pain and suffering. To find headache and migraine relief something has to be done for chronic daily headaches. We'll discuss how medication withdrawals could actually land a person in the hospital on our next page.

Thanks for reading our rebound-headache page, and hope this gave the info you needed.

Our last page is about alcohol headaches and our next page is more info on a rebound headache, or everyday headache. Home page from rebound headaches.

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