A Rebound Headache Minus Pain Medicine Is Relief

What to do for a Rebound Headache!!!

First, rebound-headaches are caused by the frequent use of triptans, ergotamines, and analgesics. We discussed rebound-headaches on our last page, gave the symptoms, and gave info about how these daily headaches can slowly creep up.

According to the American Association for the Study of Headaches , painkiller rebound represents the most common cause of chronic daily headache. These withdrawal headaches are similar to the caffeine withdrawal headache.

Studies show that slightly more than half of all chronic headaches regardless of their type or original cause end up becoming rebound- headaches.

About the only signs, is wondering why the more pain medicine taken, the more often the head hurts.

After awhile, there's more and more pain medicine consumed, and more pain everyday.

I remember without realizing it, my wife was taking pain medicine everyday, and was in bed suffering several days a week. I'll give you a guess as to who prescribed (pain medicine) for her. Some doctors will tell you not to take over the counter pain medicine, but will write a prescription for pain medicine before you leave their office!!!

Triptans, ergotamines, analgesics, and opioids, consumed on a daily bases is the most common medications that causes rebound headache. Medication overuse headaches (MOH) are common in headache, and migraine sufferers and can be treated successfully.

Rebound headache treatment!!!!

The overused medications must be stopped in order for the headaches to resolve. ( And that isn't easy to do) Here's what generally happens.

  • In many headache sufferers, the discontinuation of the overused drugs usually leads to worsening of the headaches and the appearance of the drug withdrawal symptoms, for some time. (We talked about the rebound headache symptoms on our last page, no fun).
  • The head depends on those overused drugs, and typically the pain gets to the place that many headache sufferers break over, days after they decide to quit. Then the headache is relieved somewhat, and the cycle starts all over again.

Where a physical dependence or a rebound effect such as rebound headache is possible, gradual reduction of the medication may be necessary.

It's important to tell the doctor what you're going to do. Abruptly discontinuing butalbil, for example, can actually induce seizures in some headache sufferers, although simple over the counter analgesics can safely be stopped without medical supervision.

A long acting analgesic anti-inflammatory, such as naproxen can be used to ease headache during the withdrawal period.

It may take up toward two months after someone stops the drugs that are giving them rebounds to notice a significant reduction in migraine and other headache frequency and intensity.

In general, anyone who has frequent headaches or migraine attacks should be considered as a candidate for preventive medications instead of being given more and more painkillers or some other rebound causing medications.

Preventive medications are taken on a daily basis. A headache preventive may be taken for many years, and then again, you may only need them for a short period of time such as six months.

Some non-medication therapies one could use to help with rebound-headaches

  • Acupuncture
  • Heat treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Going to a multidisciplinary headache and pain clinic.

It's difficult for anyone to stop their pain medicine, and work through their first several weeks of detoxification, and the worsting pain. It's best treated at a headache pain clinic.

Think about how much pain medicine that's taken every day, what kind being taken, and if you've noticed an improvement or more head pain. If there's more head pain, then you may be headed toward chronic daily headaches. Cut back on the pain medicine slowly if possible, and if not find a headache clinic .

Thanks for reading, hope this page helped you understand rebound-headaches.

Our rebound headaches page started on the previous page, and we did two pages on these frequent headaches. Our first page of these pages started with TMJ headaches. This condition can cause severe headaches and migraines if not addressed. Home page from rebound headache. There're more causes of everyday headaches but most headache sufferers sooner or later will ease in to rebounds if not careful. Do pay attention, and keep count of the amount of pain medicine it takes to abort these headaches.

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