Prophylaxis Migraine is Also Know As Prevention.. 


To prophylaxis migraines is to prevent them from starting.

If you stumbled across this page and wonder what kind of word this is, prophylaxis by itself is what someone can do for the prevention of a disease, or a health problem. As in migraines, when they are frequent, and disrupt the sufferers  life, they need prophylactic therapy.  Prophylaxis migraine treatment can be  continuous such as taking a preventive medicine to intermittent such as a woman taking medicine several days each month to ease menstrual migraines or episodic which would be seldom taking anything for headaches.

An example of episodic prophylaxis could be knowing what the migraine trigger is, say from exercise  induced headaches, or even a sexual  induced headache, and taking a beta blocker or indomethacin  before engaging in whatever triggers the migraine to help the pain.

When to start prophylaxis migraine treatment.

Continuous daily treatment with prophylaxis medication will probably apply to most, and that's when the headaches are frequent, and necessary to treat for relief.  Migraine prophylaxis results in a reduction  of the number, and severity of migraine attacks.

  • Migraine prophylaxis should be used if two or three migraine attacks a month is experienced.
  • If migraine attacks last more than forty eight hours.
  • If  migraine headaches strike with an intensity that is unbearable.

The prophylactic treatment of migraines is an important part of migraine management. Treatments for migraines can take quite a few different twist and turns down the road, from taking certain types of medicine or nutritional supplements to lifestyle changes, and avoidance of migraine triggers.

What to avoid for prophylactic migraine treatment to work.

Try to identify (print off diary) and avoid factors that promote or precipitate the migraine attacks. By avoiding these, preventing migraines will be easier:

  • Alcohol, and this expands to several that are worst than others.
  • The amount of caffeine intake can have quite an effect on migraines. 
  • Keep sleep habits consistent. 
  • Eat regular meals, don't take short cuts. 
  • Avoid all known foods that trigger migraines. 
  • Reduce stress and relax more. 
  • Avoid excessive amounts of pain medicine.

All of these will be helpful for prophylaxis migraines. 

Natural approaches to prophylaxis migraine relief.

Butterbur Plant

These are proven, and tried such as herbal, and nutritional, and doctor recommended. They are:

  • Feverfew  is a traditional herbal migraine remedy that's been used for centuries to reduce the frequency of attacks.
  • Butterbur has been used for hundreds of years tp prevent headaches.
  •  CoQ10 for headaches  has been found to have a beneficial effect on the condition of some sufferers of migraines. 
  • Ginger is a herb that fights nausea and pain.
  • Also magnesium, an important mineral in our body that migrainures have been found to be deficient in, has reduced the frequency of migraines.

Prophylaxis of migraines when medicines or natural approaches don't work.

Wife's Surgery

Several invasive surgical procedures are currently being preformed. One involves the surgical removal of specific muscles in the area of one or more of four identified trigger points. It involves finding  trigger points, then moving back anything that may be pressing against the nerve. This is invasive, and once again, only done for prophylaxis migraine treatment for those that aren't helped by any other treatments.The criteria for these procedures are:

  • A headache that doesn't respond to any migraine treatment, and is continuous.
  • If you have had a headache for a period of time, and there again doesn't respond to migraine treatment. 
  • Respond to a nerve block in the occipital nerve by a competent headache specialist. 

My wife had surgery at the Georgetown Hospital. More info about these procedural's.

Thanks for reading

The preventive/prophylaxis migraine treatments above work quite well, and are effective at reducing and in some cases giving total relief of migraines. Prophylaxis of migraines will depend  on how much is learned about this disease, avoiding as many triggers/causes as possible, and taking natural approaches as well as migraine preventives the doctor prescribes. (if tolerated)

Our next page is on acupuncture for migraines, and our last page covers a silent migraine. Home page from prophylaxis migraine.

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