Preventing Migraines Before The Head Pain Begins..


Preventing migraines is much better than enduring the pain after they start.

Fact of the matter, if a migraine sufferer doesn't take any measures to prevent his or her migraines, and indulges in known triggers, it's pretty certain they're in for a fair amount of pain.

Migraine attacks can be from different triggers (things) that we come in contact with. Identify areas that are known triggers.

In our opinion the first method for preventing a migraine is

  • Education about migraines is step one. No matter what you do if you're in the black and fully don't know as much as possible about migraines, such as what happens during attacks, what to avoid, how to treat, then the attacks may get more frequent and painful.

Preventing migraines by keeping track of them through diary's (print) is a start. We've heard of quite a few things from our visitors and even friends that have suffered with attacks, and most were related to what to avoid (triggers) for less frequent attacks.  

Learn all the triggers of migraines for migraine prevention

If no book on migraines is read then migraine triggers wrote in the diary could be some of these. Print off or at least write down each day in a notebook what the daily activities are, what you come in contact with, foods eaten, drinks with caffeine, alcohol consumed, pain medicines taken,and so forth. If the headaches are chronic such as each day then pain medicine or to much caffeine may be to blame, and avoiding them is migraine prevention.

Some migraine triggers to blame for attacks are:

  • Irregular sleep patterns 
  • Certain foods that are migraine triggers 
  • Alcohol abuse 
  • Weather changes 
  • To much stress 
  • Some chemicals and scents 
  • For women birth control pills, menstruation, hormone replacement therapy

Several of these can be broken down into much broader ranges. 

What to take for preventing migraines 

After identifying triggers it's time to move on to what to take for preventing migraines. One trip to a doctor most likely will result in pain medicine and also preventives. A headache specialist (not just a neurologist) should be seen for migraines, for a proper diagnose, and treatment. Anything less may end up with rebound headaches and a possibility of more frequent and intense pain. This we know about. This part will be a physicians call, but pay attention to the treatment that is offered.

Several doctor recommenced preventives such as topamax for migraines or depakote for migraines may be given, and side effects are undesirable.

Supplements that prevent migraines.

Feverfew Plant

It's a known fact that some herbs, vitamins, and mineral along with healthy lifestyles has reduced the frequency and intensity of migraines. Some herbs fight inflammation and pain associated with migraines and have been used for centuries for treating headaches. A few below with info would be:

  • Feverfew, evidence suggests that this herb may prevent, as well as relieve migraines, and doctor recommenced. 
  • Butterbur is another herb that is used for preventing migraines. 
  • Ginger is used for migraine nausea and vomiting and for pain.
  • Magnesium is a crustal (headache causing) mineral in our body that most sufferers have a deficiency in. 
  • Certain vitamins such as B2 and B3 have a role at helping to prevent migraines.

For preventing the migraines these preventives are like doctor recommenced conventional medicines. They have to be taken several months to reach their peak performance. Some migraine sufferers want more natural approaches to their treatment than prescribed medicines with loads of side effects. 

Other methods and treatments for reducing attacks could be Acupuncture, Botox injections, biofeedback for migraines, and even hypnosis for migraines. Pay attention in the food triggers of what is added to them such as aspartame, and tyramine, a compound found in food that causes an immediate increase in serotonin, a brain chemical that triggers or is the culprit in migraine attacks.

Also MSG found in processed meats such as weenies for hot dogs. Preventing migraines starts with knowing what can cause them. Then going on to treating with either man made or natural preventives. A high percentage of headache sufferers (45%) are diagnosed that their pain is triggered from within the neck areas. A migraine pillow may prevent recurring headaches. There're many ways to prevent migraines. Trying to pinpoint them is the key for help.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page is on excedrin migraine, and our last page covered migraine relief. Home page from preventing migraines. Web site of interest called body temple wellness.

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