Do Premenstrual Headaches Strike Every Month?

PMS headaches or premenstrual headaches are caused by an imbalance of hormones.

We're going to address treatments for PMS, and also the causes of premenstrual headaches, and migraines. So you're blessed with PMS headaches. Many women are. There's not much headache relief for many women each month.

What causes PMS?

In a nutshell, no one actually knows for sure. What, exactly is PMS? Medically, PMS is defined as the combination of various emotional, and physical symptoms that begin one or two weeks before menstruation, and continue until ones period arrives.

More than likely, an imbalance in the two hormones, estrogen, and progesterone is what gives many women headaches every month.

Here's what's believed to be the most common cause of premenstrual headaches.

Estrogen influences salt retention, and if there's to much salt in the body, that can result in to much fluid retention which in turn causes some swelling in the brain, thus causing headaches.

(I'm sure you know of someone that has had their legs to swell up, maybe because of heart trouble. When they go to the doctor they are told to cut back on their salt intake. The less salt they eat, the less swelling they will have).

By the time your period starts, the estrogen, and progesterone levels are at their lowest, and the fluctuations of hormones affects cells, and most likely affect the blood vessels. And you know what happens when blood vessels start expanding, and constricting.

Treatments that are used for PMS headaches

The balance between these two hormones estrogen, and progesterone are very important. Your doctor will probably prescribe progesterone, it balances the level out. But watch out for the synthetic progesterone because these drugs have been known to not be effective, and they have side effects that can mimic, or worsen PMS. (This may not happen to you).

Instead, buy natural progesterone if the synthetic is not tolerated. With lifestyle changes one can see a great improvement.

Most common symptoms of PMS or premenstrual

Although there are somewhere around a hundred and fifty premenstrual symptoms, the most common are swollen ankles, painful joints, cramps, bloated stomach, backache, craving for food, tender breast, acne, premenstrual headaches red eyes or hay fever, and asthma. And guess what, headache is at the top of the list of all of these premenstrual symptoms.

Emotional symptoms that emerge from premenstrual

Anger, irritability, hostility, depression, moods swings, loneliness, strong desire to be by yourself, tense with your family, and friends, hard to concentrate on anything, and a increase or decrease in your interest in sex.

PMS symptoms may be relieved by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Cut back on caffeine, sugar, salt and increase fiber, and get adequate rest, and sleep. Dietary studies show that calcium supplementation of (1200 mg a day) may be useful. Also, vitamin E (400 IU/a day) has shown benefits.

When someone makes a comment about PMS, here are the Myths, and Facts

#(1)Myth! *Premenstrual is all in your head.

#(2)Fact! *Despite the fact that experts are not completely sure what causes PMS, it's acknowledged as a very real condition. And it needs to be treated seriously.

#(3)Myth! *There's nothing you can do to alleviate PMS or cramps. You just have to live with it.

#(4)Fact! *Although there's no cure for premenstrual /PMS there are ways to cope. To prevent swelling, bloating, or breast tenderness, stay clear of salt, and caffeine for two weeks before the period. Just reducing caffeine by itself can help with anxiety, sleeping better, and being irritable as well. Exercise, and get enough sleep.

#(5)Myth! *Exercise will make PMS symptoms worse

#(6)Fact!*Exercise can actually ease PMS symptoms. Start exercising before the symptoms begin. To help those premenstrual headaches exercise a little each day. This raises the bodies natural painkillers.

#(7)Myth!*If you suffer from only physical symptoms, you don't have PMS

#(8)Fact!*Different people have different symptoms of PMS. Some deal with physical symptoms, while others have more emotional changes. And if you're a young women, you may have to deal with both.

If one suffers from premenstrual headaches they don't have to suffer each month if they take charge. Just taking a pain pill may not be the answer. Apply the PMS treatments toward relief.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this page has helped you.

Our last page is on migraines and pregnancy, and our next page is more about PMS headaches. Our home page from premenstrual headaches.

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