Pillows for Migraines: Will One Help Your Headache!!

Migraine Pillow

There're several pillows for migraines, designed just for migraine sufferers.

Regardless of your choice, make sure the pillow is one that is designed for headaches or migraines. You'll have to be the judge on the one you purchase. My wife has had a migraine pillow for about ten years now.

We were talking on another page about migraine prevention, and migraine treatment. This headache pillow falls right in there with a type of migraine treatment. Where do we all spend about one third of our time? If your first thought was bed, that's correct.

And many different "things" can trigger a migraine or headache, one being the pillow you spend so much time on. How could that be? A poorly designed pillow, won't support the neck area, where many headaches originate.

When I grew up there was the famous down pillow (remember those)? Remember waking up and having a stiff neck? "I do". If you still use a down pillow, stop, because they collect "dust mites", and are not suitable for migraine sufferers.

Also pointing toward one of the best pillows on the market today for the price is the buckwheat pillow.

Many health care professionals have also started recommending a buckwheat pillow to patients suffering from migraines, night sweats from menopause, snoring, and the inability to fall asleep. They've been used for hundreds of years in Japan with much success in treating more than just headaches.

There's no magic pill that will take migraines away unless a cause can be found, but we want to help identify as many triggers as possible that could very well be adding to the migraines. If you stumble upon exactly what is causing your migraines, then you're ahead of most migraine sufferers.

Fact is, damaged facet joints, or a neck injury is found in a high percentage of headache and migraine sufferers. When that applies, then pillows for migraines is a must for pain relief.

Make sure a supportive pillow is used so the head rests comfortably.

Don't use foam rubber or some other material that will jiggle your neck, however, memory foam pillows are fine. My wife got her pillow from a chiropractic office (and won't let me use it either).

She used to wake up with migraines all of the time. She would spend several days a week in bed, due to the severity of them. Much has been done to her regarding her migraines, but now I very seldom see her with bad migraines.

What happen

The little things add up. She was diagnosed with arthritis in her facet joints. But was given a steady supply of pain medicine for her headaches. She started to rebound, and without a proper diagnose of one of her headache causes, just got worse. She was sleeping on a pillow that wasn't designed for headaches and migraines. You can see how mismanaged headaches can get out of control, don't you?

She doesn't have the famous buckwheat pillow, but here's what's said about her pillow. Her pillow had a odor to it for awhile, but it's not there now. Read the reviews before you buy any pillows for migraines.

Review for her pillow, the TempurPedic

TempurPedic "The Neck Pillow is; BEST EVER PILLOW FOR A BAD NECK5

I have used a TempurPedic ;Neck Pillow; size small for several years. I have bulging discs in my cervical spine (neck) which impinge on the nerves of my shoulders, due to an accident. I see a Pain doctor and a Neurologist for this problem...I have tried, over many years, all kinds of pillows, including the ones with little beads or beans (?) in them, various types in stores or online recommended for the neck/shoulder area...this was by far the most expensive but is definitely worth it.

The neck is only inches away from the head, and by looking for pillows for migraines, ones going to wake up with their neck more stable, and that results in less pain. Our heads are heavy, and that weight on our necks can inflame nerves when something is going on in the neck area.

Another popular migraine pillow is the Mediflow Water Based Pillow Several people purchase these pillows because they are also designed with the migraine sufferer in mind.

Here's what one customer had to say on pillows for migraines, or this one pillow. All raved about this pillow.

I bought two pillows for my wife and I. We used them for a week, and then I bought three more for family Christmas gifts. I suggest using warm water and a little bleach in a clean milk jug. Lay the pillow on a hard surface, like a table, and with the fill tube inserted, fill with the water solution. After filling, carefully push down on the sides and move your hands towards the fill hole, until all of the air is gone.

It may take two or three tries to get the right feel you are looking for, but it is well worth it. The best part of these pillows is that they stay basically in one spot all night because of the water weight, and there is no fluffing involved. By far, the best pillows I have ever owned.

Pillows for migraines may just help migraines/headaches. You can't find pillows for migraines at stores, or I haven't saw them. Amazon carries a good selection of these pillows.

With hundreds of migraine triggers or causes, one has to play a detective. My wife wasn't checked for her headache cause for some time. That may have saved several years of headaches if she had a better diagnose to start with. We have on another page where doctors fail to let one know of the biggest factors of migraine triggers. They just start a course of treatment, and there's nothing wrong with that if it helps. But we hear from to many sufferers that aren't helped.

Learn all you can about your type of headache. Does the neck hurt or is it stiff, do you notice more migraines if you eat certain foods? How about beverages. Sound make the head worse, lights, anger, stress, missing meals, how about messed up sleeping habits? Lots to sort through, isn't there? That's just to name a few migraine and headache triggers/causes.

Over 50% of migraine treatment or help will come from the sufferer, and the slicing, and dicing on those headaches. If you're like 95% of migraine sufferers, you can find relief, wheither it comes from pillows for migraines, to food triggers, and even supplements to take the edge off.

Our last page covers migraine cures and our next page is info on Migrelief. When it comes to pillows for migraines, many rave about the buckwheat pillows. Home page from pillows for migraines. Site on triggers.

Thanks for reading, we hope you find the right migraine pillow.

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