Pain pills Induced Headaches Strike Many Migraineurs..


I wrote a page on pain pills induced headaches several years ago on Squidoo.

This page is really for migraine sufferers that are just starting down the road on their journey with migraines, and don't realize what to much medicine can cause. I went on to tell about my wife's rebound headaches, and not having any migraine relief.

Let me start by saying you can very easy find yourself caught up in rebound migraines from pain medicine. When you're first diagnosed with migraines, or tension headaches or what ever type you suffer with, you know one thing. You need something for the pain. We've found that good headache specialist will not even mention giving one "pain pills". They will give something on the order of triptans for pain.

But you can't use but so many of them in a month either.

The first thoughts were, I may have a brain tumor.

The emergency rooms diagnose was a migraine. What comes with that is something for the pain, which helps. And most likely no one said that pain pills induced headaches could arise from what was given for the headaches.

After my wife had been diagnosed with having migraines, several doctors that she went to prescribed her pain medicine on a regular bases. Not one said she could have rebound headaches from the pain medicine. When first having migraines, or headaches it's easy to get caught up in the take a pill, and the pain will go away. 

Time has a way of going by quickly, and after awhile the pills will have to be taken more often to have the same effect. So what to do for migraine treatment? It may surprise you, but many migraine, and headache sufferers never seek help. They take over the counter pain medicine. And that works well for the occasional moderate headaches.

But if it goes to the place where you are reaching for the pain pills more, and more, stop.

Let's say that one has the common migraine with the nausea and vomiting. Not ocular migraines, vestibular migraines, cluster migraines, basilar migraines, or complicated migraine.

Feeling better already.

You don't have these disturbing, and some are very painful migraines. You just have pain pills induced headaches.

Here in a nut shell is what it is. It's called Medication overuse headaches, which are also known as rebound headaches, and usually occur when analgesics are taken frequently to relieve headaches. It's thought that 85% of everyday headaches are because of pain medicine.

Rebound headaches frequently occur daily, and can be painful, and are a common cause of chronic daily headache.

They typically occur in people with an underlying headache disorder such as migraines or tension headaches. The migraines can go from an episodic condition to chronic daily headaches due to more , and more, frequent use of pain pills.

Does this sound familiar?


What's the treatment for pain pills induced headaches?

Pretty simple but hard to do. Medication overuse headaches are common, and can be treated. The overused medications must be stopped in order to have headache relief. It may have to be done under the care of a neurologist. One will be started on preventive medications to ease the transition off the medications that induced the rebound cycle.

  • It's safe to stop over the counter analgesics without medical supervision, but if  taking butalbital, and stop suddenly a seizure may be had. 
  • About two months after stopping the overuse of pain medicine a reduction in pain pills induced headaches will be had, migraine frequency, and intensity will decrease.

After the headache specialist starts a preventive medicine the migraines should improve, and if already taking preventives, the preventives will work better.

More info on the over use of pain medicine. Our next page is about a mineral that is crucial in our body, and if deficient can trigger headaches, and our last page was about those sinus headaches. Home page from pain pills induced headaches.

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