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An orgasm headache, unlike a sex headache feels like the top of the head is exploding.

This type of sex headache should be examined by a doctor to rule out an aneurysm.

Our last page was about sex headaches. This headache can start during sex, and continually hurt the whole time. But an orgasm headache can explode. Kind of like a ball bat hitting a person on the head, right? We'll add more info on these headaches, and by reading both pages on sex headaches you'll know more about these types of headaches.

Throbbing headaches that occur just before or during sex are known as benign sexual headaches, or (coital cephalagias). Let's go over the different types of sexual headaches.

One is the muscle contraction headache, caused by tensing of the muscles during sex.

These headaches are usually focused in the head and neck, and gradually get worse as excitement rises. At orgasm, they may hurt in skull splitting pain so severe it could cause the sufferer to experience sickness, vomiting, and have visual changes. For some sufferers, learning muscle relaxation techniques has proven quite helpful.


Vascular headaches can be quite scary.

These are caused by the increased blood pressure during sex. Posture headaches during sex can occur in a sitting or standing position. If that happens just lying down will help the headache. When there's an orgasm headache of this type there could be a sudden severe pain that explodes at the moment of orgasm. If a doctor determines that you have this type of sex headache, they may prescribe a blood pressure drug. Several medicines can be helpful especially ( Propranolol, sold as Inderal).

An orgasm headache can be triggered by the use of alcohol or drugs during sex. It's well known that red wine, cocaine, or marijuana can trigger headaches and migraines in some people.

A sex headache (On our last page) is a non chronic headache such as a thunderclap headache, or even an ice cream headache. All of us know what an ice cream headache is, and what it feels like. It leaves quick to, doesn't it?

Orgasm headaches are often had by men and women that suffer from migraines.

The orgasmic headache can last for several minutes, to hours, or even days. Some physicians suggest that orgasmic headaches are very similar to headaches triggered for some people after exercise, which is caused by a temporary rise in blood pressure, or muscle spasm of the neck or scalp.

The International Headache Society classified two headaches associated with sexual activity. They are the preorgasmic headaches, and orgasmic headaches.

Preorgasmic headaches occur in approximately 20% of sufferers. These headaches resemble tension type headaches because they are characterized by a dull ache in the muscles of the head and neck. The headaches are bilateral, beginning as sexual excitement builds, and can be prevented by deliberate muscle relaxation.

Orgasmic headaches are the most common, accounting for 75% of cases. Twenty five percent of the sufferers also have migraines. The headaches begin abruptly, at the moment of orgasm, and may be caused by an increased in blood pressure. The pain is severe, or throbbing, and may be frontal, occipital, or generalized.

We'll add this info to our sex headaches page just in case one of the pages isn't read.

Criteria for these two types of sex headaches.

For preorgasmic headaches:

  • Dull ache in the head and neck associated with awareness of neck and/or jaw muscle contraction and fulfilling criterion#2
  • Occurs during sexual activity and increases with sexual excitement.
  • Not attributed to another disorder.

For Orgasmic headache

  • Sudden, severe, explosive headache fulfilling criterion #2
  • Occurs at orgasm.
  • And not attributed to another disorder.

Our next page is about migraine with aura, and our last page is info about sex headaches. Home page from orgasm headache.

The first time for this headache should include a trip to the ER to rule out anything serious. This page and our sex page should give enough info to know what to do to help these headaches if they become worrisome.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps.

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