Optic Migraines Have Flashing Zigzag Lights!!!

An optic migraine has the aura but doesn't develop like the classic migraine.

An optical migraine is also referred to as a silent migraine, ocular migraine, and a ophthalmic migraine. All are the same. They have migraine at the end of the word because they are associated with migraines. Not all migraine sufferers have the aura before their headaches. My wife never does, and she used to have terrible migraines called common.

This silent migraine doesn't hurt because it involves the eyes.(optic is pertaining to the eyes). Unlike a painful migraine, an ocular, or silent migraine also involves an aura that comes before a classic migraine attack, but with no pain.

If this was the first time we would suggest a trip to the doctor is in order. Symptoms of a stroke involves the eyes and should be safety ruled out. Most sufferers have migraines with pain, and nausea.

The ocular, or visual migraine is experienced in a very small percent of migraine sufferers.

This migraine results from a spasm of the blood vessels leading to the eye. Many blood vessels are involved in migraine attacks.

The visual disturbances that are experienced are:

  • Blind spots
  • Flashing lights
  • Zigzag patterns that can last from a few minutes to an hour or so.

Most of the time visual migraine sufferers will experience rather quick, and unexpected visual disturbance.

What may trigger these headaches?

Other than a stroke, different changes in vision could be caused by:

  • Partial seizures
  • Retina in the eye could have been detached
  • Even a brain tumor.

If you're a woman, you're much more likely to have optical migraines than men.

Treatment for visual migraine.

  • Lying in a dark room usually relieves the migraine symptoms. If this is preceded by migraine pain, then resume the normal course of treatment for a migraine.
  • If you've had this before followed by pain than most likely a classic migraine in involved also.
  • If you're driving when it happens, pull over to the side of the road, and remain calm.
  • If by some chance you read this and never had this type of migraine, and at some point you experience an optic migraine, call 911.

This type of migraine should be diagnosed by a headache specialist. A trip to an eye specialist also to rule out any damage to the eye. Eye disturbances with no head pain is rare, and the correct diagnose should be made.

Thanks for reading.

Link that has more info on optic migraines. You can update on our last page on migraine types, and our next page on a acephalgic migraine. Home page from optic migraines

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