Ocular Migraine..Info About These Migraines..

Ocular migraine is also known as ophthalmic migraine, or silent migraine.

All of these refer to the eye. Some of the most common ocular symptoms are:

  • Flashes of light
  • Blind spots
  • Zigzagging patterns
  • Shimmering stars or spots.

When a common migraine attack occurs, the visual disturbance arises in the occipital cortex, but in the case of ocular migraine, the disturbance arises from the retinal blood vessels in the eyes. And some people of silence migraine also suffer the usual symptoms of classic migraine. A throbbing dull headache may be had, along with fuzziness or blind spots.

These symptoms usually disappear within twenty to thirty minutes, but a feeling of fatigue may be experienced. Disturbances of the eye can also cause nausea.

It may be difficult to diagnose a silent migraine because it's usually known as the migraine without headache, and is a type of migraine that distorts the images.

The distortion starts in the center of the image, and then shifts to one side.

Ophthalmic migraine usually affects one eye at a time, and as the migraine (without pain) progresses, the images may turn wavy or grey, and you may lose sight temporarily. Silent migraines or ocular migraines can be confusing. Although it refers to two different conditions, one not serious, but the other might have some serious complications.

When should a ocular headache be of concern?

It's possible that it may be another condition requiring treatment which could be a detached retina, and should be checked out immediately.

With eye related migraines, disturbances in the vision, with or without headache pain can also accompany migraine processes thought to be related to changes in blood flow in the brain. When we think migraine, we think pain, but in this case there may be none.

Here's what specialists think happens during a silent migraine process: Changes take place in blood flow to the area of the brain responsible for vision, therefore the vision distortions that migraine sufferers deal with.

Here's what should be done during an ocular migraine attack.

  • If you're driving, pull over to the side of the road until the migraine attack wears off.
  • Then go to an eye specialist as soon as possible, but he may not know what happened, or find anything wrong.

It's a tough call to make, since it's so hard to diagnose.

What should be taken for an ocular (silent) migraine.

Medications that may be used to treat retinal migraines include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin, or ibuprofen
  • Blood pressure medicines.

By avoiding migraine triggers, you may be able to cut back on the amount of attacks, or completely prevent them. Think about what was done before the attack started:

  • Such as stress
  • Going without an adequate amount of sleep, and irregular sleep patterns
  • Skipped meals or even diets can promote migraine attacks
  • Specific foods that may contribute to attacks
  • Certain strenuous activities

Most migraine sufferers have triggers, or something that sets off a migraine attack, and the same things may set off this much more serious type of migraine that is one of the complicated migraines.

While these silent migraines may produce no pain they can be frightening. We suggest contacting a good headache specialist for a diagnose and the proper treatment.

Thanks for reading.

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