These Ocular Migraine Symptoms May be Present...


If ocular migraine symptoms are visual aura only with no head pain, it's called an ocular migraine.

But don't  let it escape your attention that you could have a serious eye problem that can closely resemble an ocular migraine. And that's retinal detachment. The symptoms will only be in one eye, because it would be highly unlikely to have a retinal detachment in both eyes.

Both an ocular migraine and a retinal detachment may include seeing bright flashes of light, and either blurred vision or loss of some of the vision field. Neither involves eye pain. This is the reason a doctor should look at the eye instead of making a self diagnoses.

Ocular migraine symptoms but not limited to.


Keep in mind that you may or may not have a headache with this unusual migraine. And visual disturbances will usually fall into a time frame of five minutes to a half hour. The symptoms of this migraine are:

  • Flashes of light. 
  • Partial vision loss.
  • Blank spots in the vision.
  • Blurring of the eyes.
  • Also a noticeable dimming in the eyes.

Although ocular migraine is also referred to as retinal migraine they are different. A retinal migraine has temporary diminished vision or blindness in only one eye while a ocular migraine is a common and less serious condition that involves an aura that effects the vision. They'll have to be diagnosed by a specialist.

If you have any kind of visual disturbance, and are driving pull over to the side of the road and wait for it to pass. If you're reading this, and someday have a ocular migraine remember to pull over to the side of the road and call 911. If at home, and are familiar with this migraine, go in a dark room and lie down until it passes.

What causes/triggers ocular migraines?


These ocular attacks may be triggered by the same triggers that the common migraine has. They are:

  • Family histories where the parents suffer with them. 
  • Abusing alcohol
  • Stress can trigger any type of headache. 
  • Changes in sleep pattern triggers migraines. 
  • Women have menstrual to contend with and birth control pills.
  • Some scents and chemicals can trigger ocular migraines.

Stimulants that are put in foods play a part in triggering migraines.

  • Caffeine found in sodas, coffee, and some foods trigger headaches. 
  • Msg found in many processed foods. 
  • Dairy products such as aged cheese. 
  • Processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage, bacon, and ham. 
  • Breads, donuts, cakes and cookies. 
  • Some fruits.

Surprised at this list? There's more foods that have the potential to trigger ocular migraine symptoms in certain people.

Doctor recommenced supplements are.

Feverfew Plant

These herbs and vitamins are recommenced and the herbs have been used for centuries for migraine relief.

Print a diary, learn as many migraine triggers as possible and fill the diary in each day to see what may be triggering this headache.

If  these migraine attacks are had often then pack a migraine kit especially to help with the ocular migraine symptoms. Put a nausea medicine or ginger in the kit. Put some ibuprofen or aspirin for pain if the head hurts with this type of migraine.

Thanks for reading.

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