Take Niacin for Migraines..

Taking Niacin for migraines, or B3 vitamins has several benefits.

Just a few benefits other than using for headaches: To treat depression, for preventing recurrent heart attacks, and helps regulate cholesterol levels to name a few.

Although not as much material on niacin for headaches can be found as Riboflavin B-2 for migraines, or Feverfew, and Butterbur, (herbs) as well as magnesium (minerals) for headaches, but niacin still plays a role in migraine relief.

We have somewhere around five pages on herbs that are known to help headaches, plus a mineral "magnesium" that can help migraine sufferers with their pain. We also have several pages on vitamins that are responsible for many headache sufferers being pain free from their headaches. These pages give info on at least five different ways migraine and headache sufferers are finding relief.

Most headache sufferers take pain medicine when the pain starts.

After awhile, if the headaches start bothering them more, they go to a doctor. How many doctors have told anyone they know about all natural alternatives for head pain? It's off to pharmaceutical land.

Studies as early as 1944 showed that niacin was effective in the relief of migraines.

In one study, 81% of the headaches that were reported, a positive response was to niacin. Another study of a hundred headache sufferers had a whopping 75% that had complete headache relief when given 100mg of niacin. And there are many more studies showing that niacin for migraines give a big percentage of headache sufferers relief.

While reading, and wondering what niacin is, it's a vitamin.

It's also called B-3. It's one of the water soluble B complex vitamins. Here's a good benefit of niacin other than being used for headaches. It helps a person naturally relax, and go to sleep sooner at night.

A point here to remember is that niacin is a vitamin, not a drug.

It's not habit forming, and niacin or B-3 does not require a prescription by a doctor because it's safe to take, if taken in the proper amount. In a nutshell, niacin is a nutrient that you, and I need each day.

Doses of 50 to 100 mg will most likely give a niacin flush. The niacin flush can be dramatic in sensitive people. A niacin flush dilates blood vessels, and creates a sensation of warmth. A slight flush should stop in about ten minutes or so. The more niacin taken, the longer the flush. If you're beet red for half an hour or so and feel kind of funny, to much has been taken.

Niacin dosage that most start with!!

Migraine sufferers may require higher doses of niacin than what's recommended. About 20mg is the daily recommended niacin dose, and that's what's in my multivitamin. You can start with a 50mg to 100mg dose and increase slowly to 300mg several times a day.

If thinking about a dose of 1,000mg a day, consult with a physician. For the migraine sufferer, the niacin flush is not a side effect, but is the necessary aim to gain relief of a migraine.

Side effects of niacin at high dosages.

There are reports of liver damage, and jaundice at high intakes of 750mg a day over a long period or time. Also taken in high doses, can increase uric acid levels, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and gout can occur at very high doses. But common sense will rule here. Take only as much as needed.

Minor side effects of niacin for migraines can include lowered blood pressure, dry skin, skin rashes, and reduced glucose tolerance.

Not only does niacin for migraines work for many, some of the other benefits for niacin are, helps cells release energy from food, aids the nervous system, helps prevent loss of appetite, and helps prevent pellagra, which is a skin disease caused by niacin B-3 deficiency. These are the established benefits, what we know for sure niacin does.

Niacin also has the potential benefits of lowering elevated cholesterol levels, and also triglyceride levels that are to high. Some migraine sufferers taking niacin for migraines, that have high cholesterol levels could benefit tremendously from niacin.

Thanks for reading, we hope this gives you the info you want on niacin for migraines.

While there are side effects at a high dose, to help with migraines should be a start off point of 50mg or so. Along with Riboflavin, Butterbur, Feverfew, and Magnesium migraine and headache relief may be here. The cost of niacin for migraines with the rest of the above is reasonable compared to using prescription drugs for migraine help.

Our last page is about vitamins for headaches, and our next page has information on butterbur for migraines. Home page from niacin for migraines.

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