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There's more new migraine treatment available than ever.

We could probably write several pages on the latest migraine treatments on the market. Some work no better than old treatments. Migraine sufferers are turning to new migraine methods such as alternative treatments that have become popular in the last several years.

On our last page about magnetic therapy for migraines we found out that this works for pain. Chiropractors help with migraines that originate from the neck, and acupuncture has been used for thousands of years in China for pain relief. New migraine treatments also consist of surgery for migraines that don't respond to conventional treatments. A few years ago surgery was very seldom used for migraines, just switching medicines around hoping one would work. For 95% of headache sufferers that does help.

There are many methods that are used to control migraines. And what works for one doesn't work for another migraine sufferer. First, as I've said in a few other pages, all migraine sufferers will ultimately have to try and take control of their migraines. Around fifty percent of migraine relief is had through the individual. And that comes from simply learning all about migraines and their causes.

Although it's not a new migraine treatment, staying away from all known migraine triggers, and starting with new headache treatments may help. Although we would like to think that a new migraine treatment would come on the market that would zap all migraines, it just won't happen.

Sometimes a change in the diet and avoiding certain foods and beverages can help headaches. Consuming large amounts of caffeine on a daily bases may be a headache factor in certain individuals. These are but a few of migraine triggers to be aware of. After applying these one by one and still no relief, then move to another new migraine treatment.

One of the relative new migraine treatments is botox. For many migraine sufferers this line of treatment helps reduce or eliminate the pain.

Even after eliminating certain factors that may trigger migraines, medication may still be needed to control migraine attacks.

One of the migraine treatments that has stopped many migraines in their tracks is the relative new class of triptans. There're many new powerful drugs that have been made available in the past decade to attack acute migraine attacks.

A fairly new preventive medicine is topamax. It's worked wonders for many at reducing their migraines, topamax also has several undesirable side effects

Non- Migraine drugs are still prescribed.

Unlike years ago, more focus is on preventing migraine attacks. You want to disable a migraine attack before it begins. And this is by taking non migraine drugs daily to help prevent a migraine from starting. These drugs affect brain chemicals, and help with the blood vessel inflammation, because that's what gives you migraines. Vitamins, herbs, and even magnesium contribute to migraine relief. Most headache doctors endorse taking these for relief.

If supplements haven't been used they could be a new headache treatment to try. These are the tested, and tried supplements such as herbs, minerals, and vitamins that continue to work for many headache sufferers.

Today there are combinations of drugs (all in one) for migraines.

One such migraine treatment is a new migraine drug called Treximet, which combines Imitrex, and naproxen sodium which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug contained in Aleve and other over the counter medications. Here's what each is for.

  • The triptan (imitrex) prevents blood vessels from dilating.
  • The anti inflammatory drug prevents release of an inflammation triggering enzyme.

We've discussed several relative new migraine headache treatments, and we'll give them once more.

  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncture
  • Surgery
  • New combination abortives such as Imitrex
  • Preventive medicines such as Topomax and many new preventives
  • Supplements
  • Botox injections

We hope this page gave you the info you wanted, thanks for reading.

There're more migraine treatments each year on the market for the help of migraines than ever before. One fairly new migraine treatment is migraine surgery. This new treatment is done by a plastic surgeon, but one has to meet the criteria for this migraine treatment. Each migraine sufferer that visits a headache specialist may see a new type of migraine treatment. Depends on what the specialist thinks is causing the migraine and the best course of treatment.

Our last page was how to cure migraines, and our next page is about another type of migraine treatment using magnetic therapy. Home page from new migraine treatment.

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