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A neurostimulator for migraines will only be implanted as a last result for migraines that haven't responded to other treatments.

Out of twenty eight million or so people that suffer from one of the worst headaches there is, between three to fourteen percent have chronic daily migraines that are not helped by their medicines. That's around (840,000 to over 3,000,000). So what's next? Unless a migraine sufferer finds a very good headache specialist he/she will most likely continue to suffer with many doctors refusing to admit that they aren't helping. Medicines will be switched around, rebound headache will exist, and throughout it all the one that is suffering will have to continue to endure the pain. This can continue for YEARS.

Before we let you know about the neurostimulator for migraines we'll let you know that my wife has been there. After you've been to headache specialist "more than one", with no help, what do you do? There are other procedural's for migraines other than pain medicine. Many doctors just keep using botox for the migraines, and keep changing medicines even when they're not helping. That may be all they have to offer. Some headache clinics are "not" invasive. They may even be reluctant to let one go. One hour every three months just isn't very long to help when it just isn't working.

The neurostimulator has been used with great success on backs, and other parts of the body, and is FDA approved for that.

This neurostimulator for headaches has been used in clinical studies since somewhere around 2004. Of course this would only be used when all else fails.

My wife's headache specialist recommenced a decompression on the occipital nerve (surgery) which can relieve daily migraines for her course of treatment. Much success has been had with these procedural's.

After finding a highly recommended headache specialist, he would be the one to decide what's right for you. First find a headache specialist that is highly knowledgeable in these fields, because all are not.

On this page we have a Google map that can be used to look at, call, and find good headache specialist, and headache clinics also. It's an easy to use map, and has been set on headache clinics. This may help if there's no headache specialist involved at this time to discuss using a neurostimulator for migraines..

What is occipital nerve stimulation from a neruostimulator?

It's a small device that sends electrical impulses to nerves under the skin located at the base of the head, and at the back of the neck. It is implanted under the skin.

Here's what's said about these devices.

We need a range of treatments to offer patients whose lives are taken over by debilitating headaches,” said Peter J. Goadsby, MD, PhD, lead author, neurologist and director of the UCSF Headache Center. “It’s quite exciting to think about how technology will advance in the next five years to provide remarkable devices for the treatment of headache. Preventive approaches like these will completely change the landscape of headache treatment.

Is a Neurostimulator for migraines right for you?

You, or your headache doctor won't go into this lightly. He'll have to find out your type of pain, and how bad the pain is. If other treatment options have failed to provide relief of the migraines, or the side effects of medicines can't be tolerated, you may be a candidate.

Other things he will consider would be whether a dependency on pain medicines exist, if any medical issues that would make surgery difficult, and if he understands what is causing your chronic daily migraines.

Also, there would be a temporary system used for several days to see if it helps the pain? You would then know if the pain had been reduced, and get the feel of the neurostimulator before it is implanted.

Another thing to consider is the cost of this.

Chronic migraines are disabling and medicare most likely will pay if it's determine that the neurostimulator is the last option for relief. Anyone that's reading this page may have exhausted their supply of options except this implant. Check with the insurance supplier, or if you are on medicare call, and ask what they cover for a neurostimulator for migraines.

If one has no coverage, a migraine sufferer may even participate in a clinical study that offers a neurostimulator for migraines. I've read where many have been helped that otherwise could not afford it. Don't be bashful about this. If the headache specialist has recommenced a neurostimulator, there'll be a way to get it.

Our final thought on this is, there are several options out there for chronic migraine sufferers. The ones that have went by the book, and aren't suffering from daily rebound headaches from pain medicine overuse, no preventives that seem to help, and doctors that treat, but just aren't helping, then research and find a headache specialist that goes all out for his patient.

As we said, there is the neurostimulator, and that is implanted only after a trial run to see if it helps, and also another route to take is surgery on certain trigger point nerves. Which ever way the specialist goes, we feel like that will give the relief that is much needed.

We thank you so much for reading, and also leaving your comments. If your doctor thinks this is the way to go for migraine relief, and insurances don't want to pay, don't give up, keep dogging them. No one should have to suffer if there's help to be had.

We would also like to apologize to our readers for not getting back to some. We have so many pages (252) we may not come back to a certain page for awhile, and therefore we don't know of the comment. Leave us one on the home page, and we'll answer pronto. Thanks so much. We wish all the best with no pain days.

Also, if someone has a question they have left, and you have info on it, please take time to answer, for we're all in this together, Thanks.

Our next page covers a noninvasive procedural that have helped migraines, and our last page is on finding a migraine clinic. Home page from neurostimulator for migraines.

More info about a neurostimularor for pain.

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