A Neck Headache is What's Called Tension Headaches..

A neck headache is also called a tension headache, but is linked to the neck.

Some reasons why these headaches can develop would be from poor posture, discs, pulled muscles, joints, and nerves. The facet joints in the neck can have arthritis in them. This in turn inflames the surrounding area, and wham, a neck headache.

This may not be the case, but just something to think about. When most people have a headache, they can tell the difference between a headache, and a much more severe headache called a migraine. But there might not be much thought of the neck causing the headache unless the neck hurts terribly. That may not always be the case.

A neck headache is called a cervicogenic headache.

In order to treat this headache the root cause must be found.Treating the head pain will not find the root cause, and therefore the head may continue to hurt. An MRI may be in order to determine what is wrong with the neck if the simple things (you can do ), are tried and they don't help.

According to the World Health Organization and the US Census clock, one hundred and twenty million women, and ninety six million men suffer with tension type headaches in the United States. Out of that, how many are misdiagnosed with tension type headaches, when in fact their pain comes from the neck.

The fact is, with tension headaches what is often experienced is tightness in the neck muscles prior to a headache. You see where the confusion on the doctors part may come in?

Some symptoms of neck headaches that are similar to migraine are!!

Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, and bothered by light and sound just like a migraine sufferer has. Everything's so closely related, and the symptoms are sometimes alike. Unlike migraine triggers that set off headaches, one won't have this with headaches that are coming from the neck. The solution to this problem!!! Help the neck, and the headache will fix itself.

Three recent research studies have looked at the frequency of neck related headaches. A study from Denmark showed that neck related headache was the diagnosis in at least 18 percent of people with four headaches per month and 2.5 percent of the population as a whole. Another study found that neck related headaches was the diagnosis in 14 percent of people with frequent headaches. And another study found that neck related headache was the diagnosis in 16 percent of the people with chronic headaches.

To sum this up, there are literally millions of people that suffer with headaches that are directly related to their necks.

The most common causes of neck headaches lie in the disc, facet joints in the upper, and middle neck. The reason for head pain is that a very rich supply of nerves travel through the neck, and if for some reason they become inflamed, you guessed it.

Some of the causes of neck headaches to give thought to!!

Auto accidents account for many neck injuries. Whiplash can sure work on neck parts. Poor posture such as what you and I are doing now can account for neck and head pain. (COMPUTER) Our heads are so heavy, that by bending them for periods of time can induce a headache by straining the nerves, and muscles.

Short story.

Just to let you know how complicated headaches, and migraines are!!! My wife has had a pain or headache over her right eye for more years then we care to remember. We have been to pain management clinics years ago, to hospitals, to headache specialist's ( none knew what to do except fill her full of drugs(sound familiar)? They said her headaches were from her facet joints. Now we are going to Dr Stuart Robert Stark, below, in Alexandra Va. E-mail DrStark@NHTC1.com. We think we may be close to migraine relief. Soon they will do a decompression of the occipital nerve. He says that old scar tissue can be causing her pain. She pulled her neck about twenty years ago from falling, and pulled the ligaments in her neck. Could this have created her pain for years now? Your guess is as good as ours.

Treatment of neck related headaches?

Although there's no single best treatment, there's nothing like prevention. We spend roughly forty to sixty hours a week sleeping on our necks. With anything going on inside of the neck, one way to treat it tenderly is to place it on a pillow that's designed just for people that suffer with headaches related to the neck. Our pillow page may have information that may be some help.

Proper alignment of the head and neck minimizes the forces on the discs,facet joints, and other structures, so you see what I'm talking about? But while awake, also practice good posture, because this is one of the most common causes of neck related headaches.

Also, leaning over a desk while studying, does the easy chair have a head support? Lying in bed reading or watching TV? All of this strains the neck. Any kind of overhead work is also hard on neck muscles.

These are what we refered to as the simple things that everyone can do to minimize the strain on the neck. If a trip to the doctor is needed, by all means go and find out why your neck headaches are coming from the neck. This will be a good point to start from.

Everyone with chronic neck pain will have periods of their pain being worse, and fear that the pain won't get better. But for a neck headache, the knowledge of the causes can put you on a action plan when your neck flares up.

Four things that can be done to help neck pain.

#(1)Develop good posture.

#(2)Take analgesics when the pain sets in..

#(3)Use ice, that gives relief, and takes swelling down.

#(4)Use neutralization exercises.

We hope you found some useful info, thanks for reading.

Our last page was on headache behind eyes, and our next is on a coughing headache. Home page from neck headache.

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