My Migraine Headache

by Dorenda Tidwell
(Point, Tx USA)

I had a stroke at work. I was told I passed out, then when I awoke I guess, I was screaming and holding the lower back part of my head. The Dr’s ran all kinds of test, procedures, and exams. I have seen many Dr’s. They all told me that I severed my occipital nerves. I know live with Constant chronic pain. I stays right in the center at lower base of my head. Not my neck.

The pain is like a vice grip on my head. I get all those nice little stabbing, hammering, & pounding pains.
Then I have like a firework show that goes off inside my head. Some of these hit me and they will literally throw me in the floor. So, then you not only have your headache crap going on, you have to make sure you haven’t broken another bone in the fall.

I have been on medication that made me not even know if it’s day or night, and if I fell and cut myself. My husband and my girls came home from a sports event and followed the blood trail to find me. I didn’t even know I had fallen thru our glass coffee table. I had to get off of that stuff, so I went to a rehab,. When I was leaving I was given pain, and a muscle relaxer(the back of my head is constantly so tight it’s unreal). With these I could have a somewhat semblance of normalcy. Oh but wait, “”BAM’’ the fireworks just got stronger.
In 2001 I had my 2nd stroke, which in turn robbed me of my memory, the left side of my body fell, and my blood pressure really went thru the roof.
See, after the rehab, I went back to work. I enjoyed my work. I was enjoying being a mother and wife all over
again. After the 2nd one, I couldn’t go back. See this is the part that is hard to explain. The Dr’s had sent a letter to my employers telling them that I would not be able to come back to work. The company paid me for a short time, then one day I get a certified letter saying I was fired. I was not going to let that bring me down, or so I tried.
No one seems to understand this type of pain. In 2002 I was lucky to qualify for a new procedure. I had a stimulator implanted inside of me. There are 2 metal post inside the area of my lower skull (1 left, 1 right).
Wires run down my back and a battery on my hip. This has kept me from being really dopey.

I still live with a lot of pain. I still have the vice gripe, hammering, fireworks and all 24/7 365. I do have to be on medication, i still get knocked down, trembling,, vomiting, lose my eyesight in my left eye and all that.

My husband is a great guy. I do thank God for him everyday. My kids are really great. Some days it’s like a light switch, I can’t tell you what is going on , where , how, etc... I take the same amount of medication every day, when this happens though my family just don’t understand. My parents are just telling me I’m on crap medication, I’m not dependable, etc...
How can they understand. The only people who understand are the ones going through this. No matter how much they say the love you. If I could find a way to show them or let them have the experience by watching, I don’t know, is there a VR that they can watch???

Thank you for letting me post my lifestyle now.

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