Morning Headache... Maybe Pain Pills or Caffeine..


A morning headache may be from several reasons.

Waking to the pain of a headache brings several reasons to mind. Often headache sufferers go to bed with a headache. And before going to bed pain relievers will be taken. Pain relievers often times set up headaches for the next morning. Eighty five percent of daily headaches are because of the overuse of medicines to alleviate the pain.

The next reason for awaking to a morning headache is caffeine  This substance is found in about all drinks and coffee. For headache sufferers caffeine is a stimulate that's not needed, and oftentimes creates unnecessary headaches.

Was any kind of migraine medicine taken the night before?

Even aspirin have caffeine in them, and caffeine can trigger migraines and headaches. Even drinking a cup of coffee the night before, in some people, can give them a morning headache because coffee is loaded with caffeine.

After a cup of coffee, or taking an aspirin after arising in the morning, and the headache goes away then this may be the problem, and laying them aside could bring relief. Depending on how long this has been going on as to how long it takes to feel relief.

Taper off, and see if that brings migraine relief. Some headache sufferers can suffer with rebound headaches from trying to find headache relief the night before.

High blood pressure and sleep apnea for morning headaches


Blood pressure is easy to have checked. Some bigger stores or pharmacy's have a place to check blood pressure without going to a doctor.

Awaking with headaches from sleep apnea is from being deprived of oxygen. Both of these are pretty rare for one to be getting up with a morning migraine or headache, but worth thinking about , but both can actually give headaches. One can check their BP, but you'll have to seek professional help for the sleep apnea.

If sleep apnea is the case, the snoring will run everyone else to the other end of the house.(My son-in-law has this, but doesn't suffer with migraines or morning headaches) So worth a try while narrowing down why you're wakeing to a headache in the morning.

Headaches upon awaking in the morning from the neck area.

Neck pain from arthritis in the facet joints located in the neck, or any other neck aliment, then lying all night on the neck can cause headaches in the morning.

Laying all night on some pillows can trigger a headache upon wakening. We think one of the best headache pillows is the buckwheat pillow. One may also just be sleeping in a bad position. Try changing positions, and see if that helps. You'll have to be the judge on these.

Some headache triggers that may wake one up to a morning headache are:

  • Worked to hard the day before
  • Eye strain
  • Smoking
  • Poor posture is another factor for giving headaches.
  • Drinking to much caffeine the night before
  • Sexual activity could trigger a headache in people that are susceptible to headaches. 
  • Alcohol abuse

Many migraine sufferers wake to their heads pounding "wife does sometimes", with no migraine relief until they take a triptan for their migraines. This is the first line of migraine treatment, and works well for the treatment of migraines. But all in all think about what was consumed the night before. Put the thinking hat on.

Theories why headache sufferers wake to headaches.

  • In the wee hours of the morning our bodies produces less of their own natural pain killers.
  • Migraine headaches began when something triggers the blood vessels to swell, and dilate. 
  • Adrenalin is also released in larger quantities in the wee hours, which regulates the dilation, and contraction of the blood vessels. 

Could this be the cause of a morning headache?

Check out the migraine food triggers page to see if there's a food or drink that could be keeping the threshold to a level that you may not be tolerating well.

Every little bit helps. Migraines and headaches are like chopping down a tree. One may not do it in one lick, but by chopping away will see some migraine, and headache relief.

We hope by taking away something or making adjustments, will help headache sufferers manage their morning headache. Pay close attention to the night before the headache, to anything that may have been taken, and in some instances never give a thought to. If no physcal causes can be found, something such as loading down on solf drinks, coffee, or pain medicine can set people up for morning headaches.

For more info, visit health central or our next page on severe headaches. Home page from morning headache.

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