Info on MigreLief for Migraines, and What's In It...

Migrelief for Migraines

The theory behind MigreLief for migraines quieting headaches holds true.

We have many pages explaining migraines, and also pages about supplements that are known for fighting migraines and headaches. We have pages on herbs, vitamins and one mineral that our bodies need in order for us to live.  As you may know new medicines are somewhat different today than years past. These days some medicines are made with several different ones all in one pill tailored just for your needs. MigreLief is like this. It's a natural dietary supplement, but has three known additives that have been used separably for hundreds of years to help with migraines.

MigRelief has been on the market for several years, and has benefited migraine sufferers.  Pharmacists and neurologists recommend this for the fight on migraines. 

Clinical studies published in top medical journals have shown that MigreLief can have a lessening affect on migraine frequency, and intensity.

MigreLief for migraines has feverfew

Feverfew Plant

Feverfew is a plant (herb) that's been used for centuries to treat migraines. 

  • Feverfew  is recommended for its ability to support cerebrovascular tone.
  • It's rich in compounds that act to help migraine sufferers. One of the most important compounds is parthenolide.

Feverfew has been recommended for years by migraine specialist. Several of my wife's headache doctors recommenced feverfew.

MigreLief has magnesium in it

Magnesium, which is critical in controlling the contraction, and dilation of blood vessels in the brain which occurs during migraines. "We knew a woman that was found to be deficient in magnesium and was having headaches". Magnesium is involved in a number of bodily functions that are crucial to our well being. Just to name several are:

  • From creating bone to the beating of our hearts, and a balance of sugar in our bloodstream 
  • Assists in clotting of blood, relaxes muscles, and plays a role in forming adenosine triphosphate, the fuel on which our bodily runs on.

It's been found that a high percentage of migraine sufferers are deficient of this mineral.

MigreLief for migraines has Riboflavin in it.

Riboflavin may be better known as vitamin B-2.

  • This coenzyme is important in the transport train of electrons. 
  • Processing amino acids and fats 
  • Forming red blood cells 
  • Converting carbohydrates into energy and more

A deficiency has been observed in some people, and MigreLief provides 400mg of Riboflavin.  Significantly higher than most multivitamins. My multivitamin has 1.7mg, hardly a comparison.

MigreLief for migraines combines all three of these ingredients into one formula at a dosage that is most beneficial.  

Below are two customers reviews.

I was self-treating painful headaches for at least the last 5 years, taking everything from Excedrin Migraine to popping  Motrin like it was candy. I was finally diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist and she suggested that I start taking this product. It has truly helped, I only have to take migraine meds when my menstrual cycle comes. Taking Migrelief, making some simple dietary changes (reduce or eliminate caffeine as well as artificial sweeteners) and getting plenty of rest will make all the difference in the world.

My doctor suggested that I take Migrelief and Alpha Lipoic acid along with controlling my diet (no wine, citrus, bananas, etc) and severely reducing my intake of OTC painkillers. I have now gone from having headaches 20+ days per month to only a couple at most. I am pretty sure that the Migrelief has quite a bit to do with it and it is cheaper than all the money I would spend on OTC and prescription painkillers that only made things worse. Note that you have to use it for a few months before you can tell if it is doing anything or not. It will not make everything perfect immediately. 

Will MigreLief for migraines help? Good reports, and three ingredients that are well known for their ability to fight headaches. What we noticed in both of the reviews were this. They both stopped what is known to trigger migraines. Alcohol, some foods, over the counter painkillers, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners are all famous for creating migraines. (trigger) By avoiding all migraine triggers if possible, and taking three known natural migraine preventives relief could certainly be had.  Amazon is a great place to buy at a discount but look around for the best prices on Migrelief.  

Thanks for reading, we hope this explained what Migrelief has in it.

Our last page is on pillows for migraines and headaches, and the next page covers a preventive medicine called Depakote. There're undesirable side effects to this medicine. Home page from migrelief for migraines

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