Migrane Relief Found From Different Triggers..


Migrane relief is had from taking preventives and eliminating triggers.

For about ninety percent of migraine sufferers preventive medicines work. What makes migraines so complicated to treat sometimes and find relief is this. The treatments for migraines are so wide spread for each individual that sometimes everyone has to experiment with different methods used to treat migraines.

Plus each migraine sufferer is unique.  They have their own set of triggers or causes that gives them attacks and through trial and error plus education about migraines is a have to for their own migraine relief. If following a strict plan, and no migraine relief is had then a headache specialist is in order.

Migrane relief is had from trying to prevent them.


Even headaches that are so to speak, turned over to a specialist will also have to be managed by the sufferer. About fifty percent of the help for migraines comes from the ones that have them. A doctor can give preventives but if you come in contact with whatever is triggering or causing them, the medicine will have a harder time of controlling the migraine attacks.

  • It's thought that about 1/3 of all migraines are triggered by some foods or beverages such as alcohol or aspartame for some. 
  • Stress can cause attacks in tension headaches as well as migraines. 
  • By reducing stress and relaxing more, migraine relief may be experienced more. 
  • Depending on the frequency and intensely, medicines may have to be prescribed for relief.

In the food and beverages, two stimulates such as caffeine and alcohol can cause attacks. We had a friend that was having migraines because aged cheese was triggering them, and another found out they were deficient on magnesium (mineral). The food triggers that cause migraines are easy to find and avoid for relief.

Butterbur Scrub

Natural approaches for migrane relief using supplements.

Some supplements such as MigreLief  have several patented formulas working together, are now available. MigreLief is a patented combination of Magnesium, Riboflavin, and PuracolTM Feverfew. Keep in mind there're several more out there that have these ingredients and even the vitamins that relief migraines.

Below is one review on this one.

It's the number #1 Recommended Supplement by Leading Headache Clinics, Neurologists, and Doctors. It has been used by thousands of Migrane Sufferers over the last 5 years

Migrelief is the Bomb!

I was self-treating painful headaches for at least the last 5 years, taking everything from Excedrin Migrane to popping motrin like it was candy. I was finally diagnosed with migranes by a neurologist and she suggested that I start taking this product.

It has truly helped, I only have to take migrane meds when my menstrual cycle comes. Taking Migrelief, making some simple dietary changes (reduce or eliminate caffeine as well as artificial sweeteners) and getting plenty of rest will make all the difference in the world.

Several more ways to gain migraine relief. They are:

  • Learning what things can trigger migraine attacks, and use a diary (print) to narrow down what may be the ones causing the pain. 
  • Take preventive medicines that a headache specialist prescribes.  
  • Use more natural approaches that are doctor recommenced for migraine relief such as herbs and vitamins. 
  • Depending on what's found such as something in the neck causing the pain, than a chiropractor or acupuncture's may help. 

A different kind of migraine relief will be if an attack is had. Then for relief, the best abortive for migraines is one of the triptans.

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Our next page is about preventing migraines , and our last page is about more migrane relief using herbs for migraines. For hundreds of years herbs have been working for migrane relief. Home page from migrane relief. For more migraine relief take a look at these pages.

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