Migrains Should be Controlled..Methods to Help..


Migrains exist in twenty eight million people just in the United States

Migrains take away quality of life and in some cases make it non existent. Migraines give depression, and in some cases depression can cause migraines. With over three hundred possible causes of migraines, one can see how hard it is in some cases to find what is causing them. Chronic migrainures live like hermits. (much easier than triggering a migraine attack, isn't it?)

We probably can't give you any more information than you already know about what a migraine is. In one way or another we're giving help for migraines through trial and error.

Migrans vs headaches

When someone sufferers with a migraine attack, the neurons in the brain become hyper excited. 

A migraine is a debilitating condition with moderate to severe pain (mostly severe), and nausea, plus vomiting. Thus years ago, they were called sick headaches, before they were given the name of migraines.

More women suffer with migraines than men. And more men suffer with cluster headaches than women.

Migraines generally effect one side of the head, and lasts from four to seventy hours or more. Most of the migraine sufferers we know have the pain more than four hours. Also, around a third of migrain sufferers (28,000,000) in the United States alone have a migraine with aura, called the classic migraine, and can be very frightening. That amounts to somewhere around nine million people that have visual disturbances with their migraines.

If a person suffers with migrain aura, their visual, sensory, speech, or motor disturbances (mobility) will let them know the migraine is coming.

The tension headache is the most common headache, more so than migrains, and comes with somewhat different symptoms than migraines. Somewhere around forty five million people in the United States have this type of headache.

If a dull pain or pressure on both sides of the head in the scalp area, temples, or in the back of the neck is experienced, then most likely a tension headache is present. If the pain feels like a band squeezing around the head, and the muscles knot up and are tender to the touch, then you probably have a tension headache. Many times migraine sufferers have to deal with headaches overlapping with their migraines.

Migrains are often misdiagnosed

According to the International Headache Society, you suffer with migraines if you meet the following.

  • If you've had five or more migraine attacks, or suffered with just two migrains with aura attacks, and....
  • Your pain, and the duration of the attacks have lasted from four hours to three days.....
  • And two or more attacks you had pulsating pain, moderate pain or severe pain, and only half of your head was affected, and routine physical activity aggravated your pain...

If you have nausea, "ginger cookies nibled on for nausea"and vomiting' or sensitivity to light, and sound.

Ginger Cookies

Here's a few ideals to think around

Since at the beginning of migraines, most are treated with OTC medicines, or one may go to the doctor and he/she will prescribe pain medicine. Eighty five percent of migrainers get caught up in rebound headaches , and that can end up being a nightmare for the migraine sufferer.

  • Don't take pain medicine every day . No more than two days a week for migraines. Taking some kind of pain medicine, over a period of time, will increase the frequency, and severely of the migraines, we can assure anyone who sufferers with migraines.
  • Do go to a doctor, and preferably a headache specialist (not just a neurologist, all are not headache specialist). Don't stick around to long if they aren't helping you. You don't want to go to a headache doctor if you're not receiving help. Find another one.

Research until you find some good ones. If nothing helps your migraines, research a headache specialist that does invasive surgery. He may not do the surgery but has his contacts that do the surgery. There's now more options than ever for migrains. If one goes by the book on preventing their migraines, and many do with no relief, then it's time to find someone that will go all out to help the migraines.

Don't let migraines control you. You control them.

  • Don't assume the doctor has a magic pill that will take those migraines away, never to be had again. Do take it upon yourself that you will do your darnedest to find your triggers, what sets off your migraines if you can. You may have to give up something, but to keep from having the pain it will be well worth it. Read migraine books, print off this diary, and kick it in overdrive to help those migrains.
  • Realize that not only external factors can bug one, but (stress, bad sleep habits, foods, some beverages, and so on can trigger migraines), and you're going to learn them all so well, that you can remember them all?????

A migraine sufferer could also be suffering with internal factors that could cause migraines as well. For instance, TMJ, neck problems, nose problems, scar tissue around the occipital nerve, and many more "things"that could be causing migraines. A good headache specialist can track this down.

The thing to remember is, have migraines or headaches diagnosed as to what type it is, then start digging if it's an outside force (if possible fix an inside trigger), then eliminate it.

Keep a diary, and then you'll know what you did before your migrains started. Maybe "bingo" you'll know something before long that is causing your migrains.

Also vitamins, herbs, and a mineral work for the prevention of migraines, and doctors recommend these.

Our next page goes in to more detail on a headache vs migraine. A little more info to remember. Home page from migrains

Good luck on your migrains, thanks for reading

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